The Canton City Council met on Monday, February 6, on the issue of animal control and the decision of reinstating the contract for Phil Sedlacko. Sedlacko had submitted his resignation the previous week to try to force the Council to make a decision on his contract.

As you can see from the photo to the right, many, many people showed up to ask Council to support saving the Canton cats instead of killing them.

Alley Cat Allies had stepped in and asked City Council for a two week suspension of the renewal of the animal control contract. Alley Cat Allies hoped that during the two week reprieve, they could put together and present a non-lethal plan for Canton’s animal control issues.

However, Council would not agree to the two week suspension and instead voted 10-2 to renew the contract, amending it, however, for 90 days instead of the year initially presented. During the ninety days, Council has agreed to look at Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and other non-lethal methods for, not only feral cats, but the other wildlife that animal control has been killing, as well.

The Canton cats still need our help. Please continue to call, email, and write to the Council members, asking them to support TNR and other non-lethal ways of controlling the cat population. To get their contact info, please visit one of my earlier blog postings on the issue HERE.

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To read the Alley Cat Allies Press Release on the Canton Cats, go HERE.

Thank you again to Tobin Franks for keeping me updated on this issue and to all those kind people, including my friends Jackie, Jerry, and Judi, who have been working for the cats and attending the Council meetings to give the cats a voice.


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