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Each year, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) celebrates Spay Day on the final Tuesday of February. This year, Spay Day 2012 will fall on February 28.

To find out more about this annual event, go HERE.

To find Spay Day events near you, go HERE, and put in your zip code.

In the Columbus area, two organizations are participating in Spay Day.

For Spay Day 2012, SOS of Ohio is doing their Luv-A-Bull event in which they plan to spay and neuter pit bulls and pit bull mixes for $30 for qualifying low income owners (they must be able to show they are on government or other financial assistance). A microchip and Rabies vaccine are also included in the $30 fee. Call 614-396-8707 to see if you qualify.

And until the end of the month, SOS is also offering “Beat the Heat.” Through a grant from PetSmart Charities, they are spaying 380 female cats for $20 during February. Call to schedule an appointment and mention Beat the Heat to get the discounted price.

Cat Welfare will also be celebrating Spay Day by offering surgeries through the NOMAD mobile clinic, which will be parked at the shelter on February 28. If you have a cat you would like to have fixed, visit: When you send in your form, make sure to note, “NOMAD 2/28 clinic.”


From an email I had from Tobin Franks, Alley Cat Allies will be coming to Canton, Ohio and spending the week of March 12th in the city in hopes of convincing the City Council to embrace Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). As mentioned in previous posts, which you can read HERE and HERE, Canton City Council is trying to decide whether to continue killing feral cats and other wildlife that are trapped by animal control or to move forward to more humane methods.

On Wednesday, March 14, Jeff Dorson from Alley Cat Allies will host a Town Hall Meeting in the McKinley Room at the Stark County District Library, 715 Market Avenue, North in Canton, from 6-7:30 pm. During the meeting, Alley Cat Allies will present a plan to help the City of Canton effectively and humanely control Canton’s feral cat population.

All individuals, advocacy groups, rescues, and city officials are encouraged to attend this very important Town Hall Meeting on March 14. Please round up all your friends and neighbors to attend on behalf of the cats!!

Before March 14, you can also attend several other meetings for the cats.

This first meeting is probably NOT one for cat lovers. It will be Wednesday, February 22, at 4:45 pm in the Caucus Room of the Canton City Hall. This meeting is for Council members and residents who are in SUPPORT of Phil Sedlacko and the current program for animal control.

The next meeting will be the Executive Session held at the next Council meeting at Canton City Hall on February 27 at 7:30 pm. At this meeting Member Barton wants Phil Sedlacko to be present to answer any questions Council members may have for him. This one would be a good meeting to attend, just to hear Mr. Sedlacko speak for himself about what he is doing.

A third meeting will also occur sometime during the week of February 27 with the TNR group, including Tobin Franks, and Council. I’ll let you now more about that meeting once I know a date, time, and location.

Please continue to speak out for Canton’s cats.

Black and Orange’s web site and blog are the results of the wonderful efforts of Vicki Watson of VWeb Web Design. I get a lot of compliments on how nice both sites look and I have Vicki to thank for that. Vicki stepped in when B and O’s original web designer thought I needed an “animal lover” to help me get the site looking the way I envisioned. Vicki has done a spectacular job and I can’t thank her enough for all her help.

Vicki, however, is not just a web designer. She is also a homeschool mom who creates educational software for homeschoolers to use in their daily studies at her web site, Interactive Study Guides. She has an exceptional study guide for Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty.

As shown with her study guide for Black Beauty, Vicki is a horse lover and many of her other endeavors focus on this love. At her Christian Cowgirl web site, Vicki offers devotions, Christian horse book reviews, and horse movie reviews.

And on her Sonrise Stables site, Vicki dons the hat of author with her Christian Horse books for children. The first two books in her Sonrise Stable series, Rosie and Scamper and Carrie and Bandit, are currently available with updated artwork by Plain City artist, Becky Raber. The third book in the series, Clothed With Thunder, will be available in the Fall.

Vicki grew up around horses and cats. She always keeps an eye on the cats I have her post on B and O’s home page and she was especially interested in the story of Sparrow, who was our featured kitty in January. Many of you may remember the story of the cat that was shot with an arrow and taken to the Humane Society of Delaware County where Dr. Kim West saved her life (you can read the blog posting about Sparrow HERE). Vicki plans to do a book, available by the end of the year, that will tell Sparrow’s story. She wants her fourth book to touch on the many cruel things humans do to animals to teach the next generation to be kinder and more humane. The theme for the fourth book will focus on treating animals with kindness, based on Proverbs 12:10: “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

Sparrow’s story will be a side story in the book, which will explain the fates of foals born to “nurse mares.” In case you don’t know about nurse mares, here’s the scoop. When an expensive thoroughbred horse gives birth, the owners will sometimes take the much wanted thoroughbred baby away from it’s very valuable mother and have a nurse mare raise the thoroughbred foal. Because the nurse mare must have milk, she will have just given birth herself. Her true baby is of no value and is often killed.

Luckily, there are rescues that take these unwanted “products” of the thoroughbred industry and find the babies homes. One of those rescues is Last Chance Corral in Athens, Ohio. Vicki recently visited Victoria Goss, who saves these horses, to get information for her next book.

As soon as Vicki’s fourth book, featuring these wonderful horses and Sparrow, is available, I will let you know.

Vicki lives in Marysville and attended Jonathan Alder schools. I always love to support local businesses and animal lovers! Happily, Vicki is both and all the kitties of B and O thank her for giving them much needed recognition through two beautiful web sites!

Visit Vicki’s Facebook page HERE.

If  you live in the Village of Milford Center, the Union County Humane Society wants to know if you’ve “GOT CATS?” That’s because the shelter recently received a $9600 grant from the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust to fix 300 cats in Milford Center, Ohio in 2012. The surgeries will be performed for stray and feral cats at no cost and include an ear tip.

Ear tipping is a universal symbol that allows people to know, just by looking, that a cat has been spayed or neutered. It requires cutting a small “tip” off the top of one ear. A cat that is ear tipped does not have to go through the stress of another trip to the vet if they are caught in a trap. They can be released immediately, because it is obvious they have already been sterilized.

One of Plain City’s finest cat trappers, and a volunteer with Black and Orange Cat Foundation, Allen Young, has been involved in helping to trap cats in Milford Center. Since he started trapping in January, he and another volunteer have already taken in over 30 cats to be fixed through the shelter’s grant program. But more cats are needed if 300 are going to be spayed and neutered by the end of the year. If you are caring for cats in Milford Center and would like to get them fixed for FREE, please contact Carol Martin by calling 937-243-1618 or 937-642-6716.

Allen had told me that there have been some problems with the trapping process as traps have been stolen and also set off so that cats could not go in them. I think this is because Milford Center residents are worried that something is going to happen to the cats–that they will be killed or removed.

I want to assure anyone who has cats in Milford Center and may be worried about this project–the cats are not being harmed. They are being fixed and then returned to the same area where they were caught. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the process that is being used for this project. Cats are trapped in humane traps that do no hurt them. They are then transported to the shelter for surgery and released back in their own territory after recovering.

Alley Cat Allies, the national organization supporting TNR, endorses these methods to humanely reduce the cat overpopulation problem. No new kittens are born. The population remains the same over years and years until older cats die off.

This is a wonderful opportunity to save the lives of cats and keep unwanted kittens from being born in an area already overrun with too many felines. Please contact the shelter if you would like help getting your outside cats fixed.

You can read the original article in the Marysville Journal-Tribune reporting that Union County Humane Society received the grant to fix stray and feral cats in Milford Center HERE.

You can also read the article in the Marysville Journal-Tribune about problems with the cat trapping process in Milford Center HERE.

And access the Village of Milford Center Facebook Page.


I recently had the following information emailed to me from Mary O’Connor-Shaver who has played a key part in initiatives to ban puppy mill auctions and puppy mills in Ohio:

Please join advocates from across the state for the second annual Companion Animal Lobby Day in Columbus on Thursday, March 29 from 10-2 PM!
Our second annual Ohio Companion Animal Lobby Day will be action packed – a briefing, luncheon reception, and a rally on the sidewalks in front of The Ohio Statehouse, all of which will provide the perfect grassroots opportunity for us to urge state legislators to recognize animal cruelty, dog auctions, puppy mills and breed-discrimination legislation as serious issues and take action to effectively address them in Ohio.  And – you don’t need to be an expert in lobbying to take part!
There are many new legislators in Ohio as well as seasoned veterans, who do not yet know that Ohio is only one of four states which does not have a first offense felony animal cruelty law.  Ohio is also home to the only dog auction east of the Mississippi which attracts buyers and sellers from 15 states, many of whom have long standing, repeat violations of the Animal Welfare Act or have been convicted of animal cruelty. 

Come meet with volunteers at Booth 401 during the Columbus Pet Expo (March 23-25) to learn more about 2012 Ohio Companion Animal Lobby Day!
Face to face meetings in a relaxed, informal setting are one of the best ways to ensure that legislators hear your message and take action – and you don’t need to be an expert or have any experience in lobbying to take part! We will provide you with everything you need! For just a few hours of your time, you can make a tremendous difference. So please grab a friend and join us!  All Ohio residents are invited!
Here are the basic details of the day:
8:30 A:   Registration Check-in – The Ohio Statehouse, Entrance to Ohio Atrium
(Registrants will receive information and lobbying packets.)

9:45 A:   Welcome – The Ohio Statehouse, Ohio Atrium
Jean Keating
Founder, Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates 

10:00 A: Overview on Ohio’s Companion Animal Bills –  The Ohio Statehouse, Ohio Atrium
John Bell, Esq.
Lead Attorney for Plaintiffs in Class Action Lawsuit Against Donald Dutiel, ‘Wagon Wheel Ranch’ (New Lexington, OH)

10:30 A:  Lobby 101 – The Ohio Statehouse, Ohio Atrium
Mark McGinnis, Esq
McTigue & McGinnis, LLC (Voted by Columbus Monthly as a 2012 ‘Rising Star’ in Political Law)

11:30 A:  Luncheon reception with your state legislators – The Ohio Statehouse, Ohio Atrium
(Reception will include presentation of ‘Best in Show’ awards to individuals and groups who have made a significant contribution to Ohio’s companion animals in 2011)

1:30  P:   Rally for Ohio’s Companion Animals – Sidewalks in Front of The Ohio Statehouse
2012 Citizens-Initiated Statute, Ohio Dog Auctions Act –  To enact Section 955.54 of the Ohio Revised Code to make it unlawful for any person to auction, as defined in R. C. 4707.01, or raffle a dog within Ohio for any purpose.
HB 25 (Rep. Combs) – To amend sections 959.99, 2152.19, 2903.213, 2903.214, 2919.26, 3113.31, 4732.141, and 4757.33 and to enact section 4731.284 of the Revised Code to revise the penalties and sentencing provisions regarding violations of the cruelty to animals statutes and to include the protection of companion animals in temporary protection orders, domestic violence protection orders, anti-stalking protection orders, and related protection orders.
HB 108 (Reps. Gerberry and Hagan) – To amend sections 959.131, 959.132, and 959.99 of the Revised Code to specifically prohibit an owner, manager, or employee of a kennel of dogs from committing cruel treatment of a companion animal, to give a prosecutor who prosecutes an owner, manager, or employee of a kennel of dogs who commits cruel treatment of a companion animal discretion in prosecuting the owner, manager, or employee for the offense, and to remove certain language regarding the negligent treatment of companion animals.
HB 289 (Rep. Goyal) – To enact section 2907.13 of the Revised Code to make bestiality a criminal offense.
HB 290 (Rep. Garland) – To amend section 2903.13 of the Revised Code to specify that an assault against a dog warden, deputy dog warden, humane agent, or animal control officer is a felony of the fifth degree.
HB 300 (Reps. Goyal and Ruhl) – To amend sections 121.40, 955.261, 2913.01, 2913.02, 2921.321, and 3701.04, to enact sections 5502.281 and 5502.282, and to repeal section 121.404 of the Revised Code to provide protections for search and rescue dogs and to make changes to the law regarding emergency volunteers.
If you haven’t done so already, we invite you to visit the websites of these groups who are working hard to reintroduce and pass companion animal bills/ballot initiatives during Ohio’s 129th General Assembly.
Thanks everyone for serving as a strong voice for the animals!  Watch for more details on 2012 Ohio Companion Animal Lobby Day in the upcoming weeks!
Mary O’Connor-Shaver 

LEGISLATIVE ALERTS: Please visit our Home page for pending legislation impacting the welfare of OH animals –

The Canton City Council met on Monday, February 6, on the issue of animal control and the decision of reinstating the contract for Phil Sedlacko. Sedlacko had submitted his resignation the previous week to try to force the Council to make a decision on his contract.

As you can see from the photo to the right, many, many people showed up to ask Council to support saving the Canton cats instead of killing them.

Alley Cat Allies had stepped in and asked City Council for a two week suspension of the renewal of the animal control contract. Alley Cat Allies hoped that during the two week reprieve, they could put together and present a non-lethal plan for Canton’s animal control issues.

However, Council would not agree to the two week suspension and instead voted 10-2 to renew the contract, amending it, however, for 90 days instead of the year initially presented. During the ninety days, Council has agreed to look at Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and other non-lethal methods for, not only feral cats, but the other wildlife that animal control has been killing, as well.

The Canton cats still need our help. Please continue to call, email, and write to the Council members, asking them to support TNR and other non-lethal ways of controlling the cat population. To get their contact info, please visit one of my earlier blog postings on the issue HERE.

To read the original blog posting on the killing of Canton cats, go HERE.

To read all of the issues raised at the Council meeting and watch videos, go HERE.

To read articles in the, go HERE and HERE.

To read the Alley Cat Allies Press Release on the Canton Cats, go HERE.

Thank you again to Tobin Franks for keeping me updated on this issue and to all those kind people, including my friends Jackie, Jerry, and Judi, who have been working for the cats and attending the Council meetings to give the cats a voice.


To celebrate their new building, located at 2020 State Route 142 NE in West Jefferson, the Humane Society of Madison County will be holding an Open House and Adopt-a-thon Friday, February 10 (1-7pm), Saturday, February 11 (Noon to 5 pm), and Sunday, February 12 (1-5 pm). The official ribbon cutting will be Friday at 1 pm.

During the Open House, tours of the facility will be given. There will also be door prizes, refreshments, and tons of happy animals to meet.

If you bring an item from the shelter’s Wish List, you’ll get an extra door prize raffle ticket.

To read more about the Open House and see the Wish List, click on the newsletter page below:

To read “Bites from the Director,” Betty Peyton, and print out a “Membership Form,” click on the newsletter page below:














The entire February newsletter can be opened by clicking below:

February 2012

I wanted to update everyone on the situation in Canton with the feral cats that are being captured and then killed at the Stark County Humane Society. Fellow trapper and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) advocate, Tobin Franks (who first alerted me to the issue), sent me a follow up email below. Alley Cat Allies has gotten involved in this fight for the cats, but they still need you to keep signing the petition and calling and emailing the Canton Council members.

If you can also attend the next Council meeting, it will be Monday, February 6, at 7:30 pm in the Canton City Hall, 218 Cleveland Avenue SW.

The cats in the photo above are from one of our TNR clinics. They were released, not killed. TNR works!

From Tobin: Thank you everyone who came to the City Council Meeting & all who called and sent emails to Canton Officials!



As you have seen in the paper, read on Facebook & heard on the radio – we are off to a good start, but the City of Canton is still considering the renewal of the city’s contract with Phil Sedlacko for ‘animal control’ services. Phil rounds up cats & kittens and takes them to the Stark County Humane Society. After years of denial, Stark HS Executive Director Louis Criswell has finally admitted that feral cats brought in by Phil are killed.

Sedlacko is to be paid $27,129.00 for this part-time “animal control” service – in addition to his regular full time job as a deputy Dog Warden.
Cats in Canton still need your help. Please come to the next meeting & bring your SAVE THIS CAT posters (click on any of them in this posting to enlarge and print). There will be a THIRD reading of the proposed contract renewal at this meeting. If you wish to speak please get their early & sign in. Remember they only give you 3 minutes. We especially need people to speak who have has personal,1st hand experience with Phil Sedlacko.
If you cannot make the meeting –  PLEASE keep calling & emailing Council. Tell them there is a better way!





The Next Meeting is: Monday Feb 6 2012 – 7:30 pm

Canton City Hall
218 Cleveland Avenue SW
Canton, OH 44702

Summary of Phil’s activity for 2011: (The status of these animals is unknown.)
JAN: 15 cats 1 kitten 1 dog 3 raccoons 1 opossum
FEB: 21 cats 1 opossum
MAR: 23 cats 5 kittens 1 dog 1 raccoon 1 opossum 1 groundhog
APR: 35 cats 11 kittens 11 raccoons 9 opossums 6 groundhogs 3 rabbits 1 skunk
MAY: 46 cats 20 kittens 18 raccoons 3 opossums 11 groundhogs
JUNE: 46 cats 21 kittens 23 raccoons 14 opossums 19 groundhogs
JULY: 26 cats 12 kittens 22 raccoons 13 opossums 23 groundhogs 10 skunks
AUG: 22 cats 14 kittens 20 raccoons 6 opossums 16 groundhogs 10 skunks 2 squirrels
SEPT: 15 cats 6 kittens 6 raccoons 2 opossums 5 groundhogs 2 skunks 1 squirrel
OCT: 13 cats 2 dogs 4 raccoons 11 opossums 2 groundhogs
NOV: 7 cats 2 kittens 1 dog 2 raccoons 4 opossums
DEC: 14 cats 1 opossum


Canton Officials Contact Info:

The Honorable William J. Healy II
Mayor, City of Canton
Canton City Hall – 8th Floor
218 Cleveland Avenue SW
Canton, OH 44702
P.O. Box 24218
Canton, OH 44701
Phone(330) 438-4307
Fax(330) 489-3282

Allen Schulman – Pres
3519 Culver DR NW
Canton, OH 44709
Home: 330 492-5409
Business Office: 330 456-4400
Council Office: 330-489-3223

Mary M. Cirelli – At Large
424 – 19th Street NW
Canton, OH 44709
Home: 330-455-4967
Council Office: 330-489-3223

Joe Cole – At Large
1402 – 27th St NE
Canton OH 44714
Cell: 330-327-2346
Council Office: 330-489-3223

James Babcock – At Large
3711 – 9th St SW
Canton, OH 44710
Home: 330-454-4027
Mobile: 330-495-7202
Council Office: 330-489-3223

Greg Hawk – W1
2907 – 6th Street NW
Canton, OH 44708
Home: 330-455-7333
Council Office: 330-489-3223

Thomas E. West – W2
625 – 12th Street NW
Canton, OH 44703
Home: 330-430-9378
Council Office: 330-489-3223

James E. Griffin – W3
202 Poplar Ave NW
Canton, OH 44708
Home: 330-478-2297
Council Office: 330-489-3223

Chris Smith – W4
458 Waynesburg Rd. SE
Canton, OH 44707
Home: 330-453-5981
Council Office: 330-489-3223

Kevin Fisher – W5
1641 Alden Ave SW
Canton, OH 44710
Home: 330-412-4681
Council Office: 330-489-3223

David R. Dougherty – W6
2426 – 16th Street NE
Canton, OH 44705
Home: 330-453-9950
Council Office: 330-489-3223

Patrick Barton – W7
503 – 21st Street NW
Canton, OH 44709
Home: 330-353-9395
Council Office: 330-489-3223

Edmond Mack – W8
4816 Ellinda Circle NW
Canton, Ohio 44709
Home: 330-323-3755
Council Office: 330-489-3223

Frank Morris – W9
1406 – 19th St NE
Canton OH 44714
Home: 330-224-0913
Council Office: 330-489-3223

Stark County Humane Society
5100 Peach St Louisville, OH 44641
(330) 453-5529

Stark Humane also has a Facebook Page

Stark County Dog Pound
1801 Mahoning Road Northeast, Canton Ohio
(330) 451-2343


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