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We want to wish all of our supporters, fosters, volunteers, and adopters a wonderful and peaceful holiday. We could not help the cats like we do without each and every one of you! Have a bit of rest–be like a cat and bask in a spot of sun, napping and eating, as the year quietly ends. Then be prepared to begin the rescue efforts all over again in 2013!

Thank you to the Brininger Family for this lovely photo of their rescue kitty, Treat, who they adopted from Black and Orange. Although the Brininger kitties all have Halloween type names, that does not mean they don’t get into the Christmas spirit!

This holiday season, Capital City Spay and Neuter Clinic (where we send lots of people for low cost spays and neuters) asked everyone coming in to the clinic to take a tag from the giving tree they decorated on their front counter. The tags had written on them necessary kitty things such as cat litter, dry food, blankets, and canned food. Some of the tags also included photos of some of Black and Orange’s adoptable kitties.

Dr. Chrissy Murphy’s mom and office manager, Sharon Schilling, organized the giving tree and charitable event and asked clients to make donations of items Black and Orange and other local rescue groups and pet food pantries might need. Sharon had set a goal to try to reach 100 cans of cat and dog food donated.

This past Wednesday, December 19, Capital City held their first Christmas Open House and we were amazed when we stopped in–the entire surgical area was piled high with toys, treats, food, and even cat trees and carriers. And showing just how kind people are, the clinic collected 547 cans of cat and dog food! They definitely surpassed the goal of 100 cans with no difficulty thanks to the kindness of the animal lovers who came in Capital City.

We picked up our portion of the goodies on Thursday and were thrilled with all the wonderful items people kindly gave for our kitties. We are in the process of dispersing items to fosters and those feeding colonies of kitties.

I want to thank everyone at Capital City Spay and Neuter Clinic for collecting these items for our cats. I especially want to thank Sharon for emailing me with this idea back in November and asking me what the B and O kitties needed. Sharon emailed me many times over the past month to tell me when someone was interested in one of the kitties featured on the Giving Tree or to ask me if they could highlight one of our cats on their web page.

I know it was not easy to work around all the accumulated items which took up a lot of space, so thank you Dr. Murphy, Betsy, and everyone else for still performing wonderful surgeries even while dodging cases of food and boxes of kitty beds.

We appreciate the kindness of everyone who donated. Please know that these items will be put to great use and will help many, many kitties in need.

Again, thank you to Capital City Spay and Neuter Clinic for all your efforts to help us. We love you guys! Have a wonderful holiday from everyone at Black and Orange Cat Foundation!

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