I recently learned of a rescue group, His Hands Extended Sanctuary, in Saint Paris, Ohio, which is located in Champaign County, that is offering low cost spay and neuter surgeries for both dogs and cats to the general public, as well as rescues and shelters. The clinics, which just got started this past October, also provide vaccines at affordable prices. Additionally, they give a ten percent discount to seniors, active military, and to people getting multiple animals fixed (over three).

Cat spays are $40. Cat neuters are $20. Surgeries for dogs range in prices based on weight. For dogs over 101 pounds, the price for a spay is $105 and for a neuter is $95–and those are the most expensive prices. Dogs smaller than 101 pounds get smaller prices for their surgeries!

To see a complete price list and read how to schedule for the Wednesday clinics, go HERE.

For a long time now, I’ve not had any resources for those people B and O was helping in Champaign County. I also never had many resources for people looking for low cost services for dogs. Now I have both! And I am so happy about this. The clinics at His Hands Extended are close enough for people in surrounding counties, including here in Madison and Union counties (it was about a 30-35 minute drive from Plain City to the sanctuary which is outside of Saint Paris).

I first learned about Tanya Jordan and His Hands Extended Sanctuary when she donated food to us for our Pet Food Pantry. My mom and dad went to pick up the food and were so impressed with her set up that they couldn’t stop talking about it. Equipped with many buildings for the dogs and cats who live at the sanctuary, the organization adopts animals into loving families, while providing a lifelong home for those that are never adopted.

I hope to make a trip myself to Tanya’s facilities in the near future and find out how she runs her clinics. There can never be too many low cost surgery options for the dogs and cats (and their care givers) in our rural areas. I am glad to know about one more!

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  • I had a stray cat show up at my house one day and she gave birth to 4 kittens. I have taken in so many strays and I cannot keep these kittens. Do you know of a place that could help me and take the kittens? I would be willing to keep the mother and get her fixed. Phone # 937-303-3347. Thank you so much!

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