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We just received the proof for the 2012 calendar and it is gorgeous. After a few little tweaks, it should be ready next week for purchase. We will have a place on the home page of our web site where you can go to purchase the calendars, which will sell for $20. We also have to figure in shipping costs. As soon as the calendar is ready and can be purchased online, we’ll let everyone know. Of course, if you don’t want to pay shipping, you can always stop at the drugstore or at PetSmart (when we are there) to pick up your copy.

We also plan to send a free calendar to everyone whose kitties made it into the 2012 edition. So watch the mail next week!

For now, I thought I’d feature a few more of the super photos that people submitted that did not make it into the calendar.

This first photo is from Bridget and Chad Simpson of their cat, Esther. The Simpsons did have a winning photo that will be featured for July, but I’ll wait until they get their calendar to surprise them about which photo was chosen.

Bridget also sent over photos of their kitty, Ruthie, who was adopted from Black and Orange. The photos below are of Ruthie. They are so beautiful–we had a hard time picking just one from Bridget’s pictures.


We also loved the photo of Ranger that Kim Swider sent. The orange and white kitten looks so cute sitting in a tree trunk. Kim could not have taken a better photo if she had posed the little guy.

And we also loved the photo of Lucky Toes and Buffy that Janet Niles sent. Why are those two staring so hard at the door. Do they believe that their magic feline powers will open the door if they stare at it long enough?

As you can see from looking at these pictures, it was very, very hard to choose only twelve for the calendar when we had so many super ones!


We hope you’ll come out and see our very own “Santa Claws” on Sunday, December 11 at the PetSmart located at 6010 Sawmill Road in Dublin (next to the Target store). Once again, our favorite Santa, Chuck Gaul, will be donning his red suit and fluffing his beard to have his picture taken with all the happy pets in the central Ohio area. You can get in the photo, too, if you’d like!

We will be taking photos between 11 am and 4 pm. The pictures are $9.95 with a PetSmart PetPerks card. You will receive one 4×6 digital photo in a holiday collector frame. Five dollars from every package purchased will go directly to Black and Orange!

If you’ve adopted a cat or kitten from Black and Orange, we’d love to have you bring them out for the photos so we could see them again. One of our very favorite things is seeing all of our former kitties with their new families.

We want to thank Chuck Gaul for doing such an awesome job as our Santa. We feel very blessed to have our Santa Chuck and Mrs. Claus (Carol) in our lives.

Colony Cats is opening their new Kit ‘N Kaboodle Boutique next to their Adoption Center at 2736 Festival Lane in Dublin (off of Sawmill Road by the Joann’s Fabrics store). The Boutique will have a grand opening on Sunday, November 13, from 1-4 pm. There will be raffles, refreshments, and tons of shopping deals just in time for the holiday season.

The Boutique will feature gently used products including bedroom furniture, kitchen items, living room furniture, home decor, and brand new pet accessories. So if you don’t want to stage your own garage sale, but you want your “treasures” to benefit a good cause, donate those unwanted items to the Boutique. They are NOT accepting clothing and shoes, electronics, exercise equipment, appliances, mattresses, water beds, or children’s items.

To see a full list of what they will and will not accept, download their Wish List HERE.

To enlarge the flyer to the left, simply click on it.

The Boutique will be open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10 am-5 pm. Colony Cats will need volunteers to man the Boutique, sort and price items, and also pick up larger items. If you can help or have items to donate, please contact them at

Additionally, besides the grand opening of the Boutique, the group is also celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of their Adoption Center. Of course, all proceeds from the Boutique will go to help Colony Cats provide vet care and spay and neuter services for the cats in their Adoption Center, as well as the dogs they also care for in foster homes.

As you are looking for deals this holiday gift giving season, consider shopping at Colony Cat’s Kit ‘N Kaboodle Boutique! You’ll not only get great bargains, but you’ll help animals in need.

On Thursday, November 10, and Friday, November 11, The Columbus Foundation will present a 24 hour opportunity to match donations to Central Ohio non-profits that are part of their PowerPhilanthropy–up to 1 million dollars! From 11 am on November 10 to 11 am on November 11, credit card donations of $20 or more will be matched by The Columbus Foundation.

To participate, just visit

Click on the GIVE NOW button.

Select the non-profit of your choice from among 600 organizations that are part of PowerPhilanthropy.

One of the groups I am recommending that people donate to is Columbus Dog Connection. In an email I had today, Kellie DiFrischia, said that any funds they receive during The Big Give, will be used for The Big Fix. Columbus Dog Connection will use all donations to help spay and neuter dogs and cats in rural areas or to fix feral cats and pit bulls in Franklin County. Columbus Dog Connection has a Mobile Spay/Neuter Truck and to ease the burden of fundraising for other rescues, they also write for and share grant money to help save more cats and dogs.

So if you choose Columbus Dog Connection during The Big Give, your money will be donated and help with The Big Fix.

The second group I am suggesting is The Ohio Wildlife Center. Any donations that are made to the Ohio Wildlife Center will be used to help wild animals that have been injured and to support their work in the hospital and in their educational programs. They are a great place and I have taken rescued baby birds, bunnies, and other wildlife in need to them on many occasions.

And the final group I am putting a good word in for is WCBE, 90.5, our local public radio station. I am an NPR junkie and my views of the world come directly from WCBE. I don’t watch the news on television (too depressing), so the only real world news I get is from my public radio.

Pick one of these non-profits or one of the other 600 that are involved in The Big Give tomorrow and Friday and double your donation for many great causes. Believe me, most charities can use the extra help right now!


We received over 120 photos for our first ever rescue calendar for 2012. And these were not run-of-the-mill photos. They were all gorgeous. We had a really hard time choosing our winners. We finally had to make it a rule that we would only pick one photo from a family, because some people sent in multiple beautiful pictures.

One example of this occurred with the Hamiltons. Dick and Linda sent in four photos and they were all stunning. It looked as if the cats had been posed–I do not know how they got the cats to sit so still for the camera. I am including two of their photos that did NOT win here. Just look how great they were. Their winner will be featured as the November kitty, so you can check that out when you buy your copy.

Another person with multiple great photos was Mary Dietz. Most of the photos that Mary sent were of strays who had been dumped on her. She mentioned that in one year, they had 22 cats dumped and we helped them get 12-13 of those fixed. The remainder either found other homes or ran off after the spaying and neutering efforts were under way. They now have a stable and fixed colony of 14 cats that they care for–proof that trap-neuter-return (TNR) and spaying and neutering are the solutions to feline overpopulation.

I am going to post a few of Mary’s “Loser” photos at the bottom of this. Her winner will be featured as “September” in the calendar with a picture of a sweet kitty named “Tres” who she says doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Tres is currently an outside kitty, but Mary would love to find him an inside home if anyone sees him in the calendar and is interested.

I thought that over the next few weeks, as we are working on the calendar with our Printer, Wilson Printing and Graphics in London, that I would post some of the photos we received here and on Facebook.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their babies. It was so nice to see some of our former fosters and know they had found lovely homes!


Now, I’ve heard of feral cats getting a tattoo on their bellies or in their ears to show that they have been fixed, but now you can get a tattoo to support those same kitties. Envy Skin Gallery, located at 528 Bethel Road in Columbus, will be hosting a “Paws for the Cause” Tattoo Benefit for Colony Cats on Saturday, November 5 from 10 am to 2 pm.

For $40, you can get a paw tattoo of your choice (up to approximately one square inch) and 100% of the proceeds will go to Colony Cats to help them provide medical care and low cost spay and neuter services for homeless and abused cats and dogs in the Central Ohio area. If you’ve always wanted a tattoo, but were a bit afraid to get one, now is your chance to get tattooed for the animals.

Sadly, my husband, Joe, has a thing about tattoos (and to be honest, I am a bit of a germaphobe and a “woose,” so I would never get a tattoo on my own, either). But from the time I first met Joe (practically on the first date, I think), he told me that if you had a tattoo, the police could find you more easily–as if either of us would be doing anything that would require the law to be searching for us. I can just imagine the all points bulletin over the police radio: “Assailant has a small cat paw print tattoo on her left arm. Be warned, she may be carrying potentially dangerous feral cats in her vehicle.”

Although I will never have a tattoo, I think this tattoo benefit is a really neat idea and one that I have never, ever heard of before to raise money for the animals.

The other thing that Colony Cats is doing to help homeless animals is opening a “Kit N Kaboodle Boutique” where people can bring new and gently used items for the group to sell. All the funds made from the boutique will, of course, go for services for the animals. As anyone knows who has cleaned out an attic or basement, it is sometimes hard to find a place to take all the items you no longer want. And, as we all know, organizing a garage sale can be a nightmare if you don’t have an expert like Carol on board. So check out the boutique wish list and guidelines HERE. Then donate the next time you have unwanted junk…err, treasures in your closets.

The boutique, which is set to be open Fridays through Sundays from 10-5 pm in an area next to the Cat Adoption Center at 2740 Festival Center Lane off of Sawmill Road, will also need volunteers to help man the shop, tag items, and pick up donated furniture. If you would like to help, email Please put “Volunteer” in the subject line.

You can click on the Tattoo Benefit flyer above to enlarge it and print it out.

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