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The FiXiT Foundation recently received a grant from Best Friends Animal Society to spay and neuter pit bulls for FREE in selected states: California, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Texas and Utah.

To get the FREE fix, pit bull owners in the qualifying states must register through the web site. Pit bull terrier dogs of all types, including mixes and American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, all qualify for the FREE fix. To find out if you qualify to have your pit bull fixed for FREE, go HERE.

Even if you don’t have a pit bull that needs fixed, you can still help—you can also sponsor a fix on the web site. You can sponsor a fix for a dog or a cat and you can even choose which state the animal lives in. Since I am in Ohio, I try to help locally and sponsor fixes in my state. But you could choose to help anywhere. To sponsor a fix (or to register to get your companion animal fixed), go HERE.

For more information on the Best Friends grant, go HERE and HERE.

Besides the Best Friends grant, the FiXiT Foundation also recently received a $5,000 grant from the Petco Foundation to spay and neuter pit bulls on the site. This grant funds a program called, “Half the Pits–Half the Price.” For every pit bull that is sponsored to be fixed on the site (no matter what state the pit bull resides in), the FiXiT Foundation will refund $50 or pay half the cost! Normally, you would donate $100 toward the surgery. With the Petco grant, the cost is only $50.

For more information on the Petco grant, go HERE and HERE.

The FiXiT Foundation is concentrating on pit bulls, because these lovely dogs have been so vilified in recent years that when they end up in shelters, most are euthanized. According to the FiXiT Foundation web site, one out of every four animals euthanized in shelters is a pit bull. Nearly a million pit bulls each year are killed because of their breed.

If we can stop unwanted pit bulls from being born, we can also stop them from being discarded and euthanized. Most pit bull owners are not breeding their dogs to use for fighting. Most would like to prevent unwanted litters, but do not have the means. The FiXiT Foundation gives these owners and their beloved dogs a chance at a better life.

Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland started Free Feral Cat Spay Day (FFCSD) in 2010. This is their fourth year of asking vets to provide two FREE spays or neuters of feral cats to the public. In 2012, FFCSD went international. Not only did vets in the United States participate, but also those in South Africa and Canada, as well.

In 2012, over 600 vet clinics in the United States provided free or reduced cost sterilization services to 4,300 feral cats on April 27. Free Feral Cat Spay Day is meant to build and strengthen relationships between the public and the veterinary community. Sadly, many vets still do not provide low cost options for feral cats, a population that desperately needs all of us working on their behalf.

To find out more about Free Feral Cat Spay Day, visit Alley Cat Rescue’s web site HERE.

To find vets in your area who will provide free or discounted services on April 27, go HERE. If you scroll down until you find Ohio (or just click the OH link at the top of the page), you will see that, so far, there are eleven vet clinics that are willing to provide surgeries on Free Feral Cat Spay Day. The clinic closest to us here in Columbus is Grove City Vet Hospital. There are also participating clinics in Pataskala, Heath, Newark, Chillicothe, Warren, Georgetown, Cleveland, and Gallipolis. Check out the site and call the vet offices to find out more.

If you know of a vet’s office that would like to participate in Free Feral Cat Spay Day, have them go HERE and fill out the online form.

To read Alley Cat Rescue’s press release, Click: FFCSD 2012 Press Release


On Saturday, April 20, the Union County Humane Society will celebrate “Top Hat and Tails,” their annual fancy dinner and auction. This year, they will also be celebrating their 100th birthday! Tickets are $60 and you can reserve your seat by paying online HERE. The gala, which is in it’s 9th year, will run from 6-9 pm at the Catholic Community Center in Marysville1033 West 5th Avenue.

Mark and Angie in the Morning will serve as emcees. The Phillips and Kerns Band has just returned from the Grand Ole Opry and will play during the social hour, which begins at 6 pm. Dinner and awards are at 7 pm.

Der Dutchman is catering the dinner. There will also be appetizers by The Smiling Daisy in Milford Center. There will be a silent auction, as well as a raffle.

Additionally, you can also donate to the humane society’s online auction, which runs from April 3-17, become a gala sponsor, or view all of the current auction items by clicking HERE.

Honda of Marysville recently donated a 2001 Honda Civic EX 5-speed with 96,921 miles for the auction. The car is valued at over $7,600. If you need a car and would like to support the animals, you can’t lose with this!

To find out more about Top Hat & Tails, visit the UCHS web site HERE.

Get your tickets soon. They are going fast!!

You can also get up-to-date info on the Gala by keeping an eye on the Humane Society’s Facebook page HERE. Please Like them when you stop by.


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