Send Valentines to chained dogs. February 7-14 is Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week.

I’d like to encourage you to participate in a really neat event that Dogs Deserve Better does each Valentine’s Day. For the Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Valentine Campaign, Dogs Deserve Better (DDB) sends out Valentines to chained and penned dogs. Mailed along with the Valentine is a brochure about bringing dogs into the home and freeing them from their chained existence. This is the 13th year that Dogs Deserve Better has been sending out Valentines to neglected canines.

Dogs Deserve Better, whose mission focuses on freeing dogs from chained and penned lives, wants to send out 10,000 Valentines this year. They are focusing on quality rather than quantity this year (in the past, they have sent out over 20,000 Valentines!). In order to send that many Valentines, DDB needs you!

First of all, they need you to make Valentines for the dogs. If you are a teacher, a student, a group leader (4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts) or someone homeschooling their children, this is a great service project to teach kindness to animals. The Valentines should be no larger than 4″ by 8.5″ so they can fit into an envelope to be mailed. Again, DDB is stressing Quality over Quantity–they want really neat Valentines that will make people think. You can visit their web site to see some of the cool Valentines people made in previous years and also to download high resolution chained dog images to use on your own Valentines. All Valentines must be mailed to Dogs Deserve Better, 1915 Moonlight Road, Smithfield, VA 23430 by February 5–yes, we are running out of time.

DDB also needs to know who to send these Valentines to. If you know of a chained or penned dog in your area (we have all seen them–the poor dogs that look miserable in summer heat and bring tears to our eyes when they are covered in drifts of snow), please find the addresses for those dogs and either email them to info@dogsdeservebetter.org, call the info in at 757-357-9292, or go online and fill out the information via a form on the web site: HERE. YOU WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS!

You can also sponsor the cost of sending the Valentines by making a donation to Dogs Deserve Better online or by mailing a check to the address listed above. You can also purchase really neat Valentine merchandise when you visit the site to learn how to participate in the 2015 Valentine Campaign.

To find out more about the 2015 Valentine Campaign, go HERE.

To read the official press release, go HERE.

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