On Tuesday, September 17 through Wednesday, September 18The Columbus Foundation will present a 24 hour opportunity to match donations to Central Ohio non-profits that are part of their PowerPhilanthropy–up to 1 million dollars! From 11 am on September 17 to 11 am on September 18, credit card donations of $20 or more will be matched by The Columbus Foundation.

To participate, just visit

Click on the GIVE NOW button.

Select the non-profit of your choice from among 600 organizations that are part of PowerPhilanthropy. There are 21 organizations that are listed under “Animal Welfare and Conservation.” To see all of the groups, go HERE. Click on “Program Area” and select “Animal Welfare and Conservation.”

One of the groups I am recommending that people donate to is Columbus Dog Connection. Columbus Dog Connection has a new Mobile Spay/Neuter Truck and to ease the burden of fundraising for other rescues, they also write for and share grant money to help save more cats and dogs.

The second group I am suggesting is The Ohio Wildlife Center. Any donations that are made to the Ohio Wildlife Center will be used to help wild animals that have been injured and to support their work in the hospital and in their educational programs. They are a great place and I have taken rescued baby birds, bunnies, and other wildlife in need to them on many occasions.

Another group I love is Pet FBI Pets found by Internet. Pet FBI helps to reunite lost pets with their owners by allowing people to post photos and information on pets that have been lost and pets that have been found.

I also have a soft spot in my heart for the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue and the Columbus House Rabbit Society. After fostering a bunny that was dumped at my parent’s house out in the country, I have a special love for Little Bunny Foo Foos and all those special people who save these soft, gentle babies.

We use SOS of Ohio, Shelter Outreach Services for many of our feral kitties. They have a wonderful program where they will allow you to bring a trapped cat in without an appointment from Tuesday to Friday, 8 am to 3 pm. They’ll fix the kitty and send it back home with you by 5 pm the same day. Plus, they are one of the few vet hospitals in Columbus that will not declaw. Love that! Our vet, Dr. Kim West and her partner, Dr. Evelyn Tannhof at Health and Harmony Animal Hospital are the only other office besides SOS that I know of that refuses to declaw.

Additionally, you can pick these other great organizations:

1. Friends of the Shelter which provides funding for the Franklin County Dog Shelter.

2. Cat Welfare Association is a shelter dedicated to finding homes for cats and kittens.

3. Cozy Cat Cottage is another wonderful shelter that cares for cats and kittens until they can find permanent, forever homes.

4. Colony Cats also helps numerous kitties in the area. They are also premiere trappers, doing Trap-Neuter-Return projects all over the county.

5. Almost Home Dog Rescue provides homes for homeless Collies and other dogs looking for their families.

6. Capital Area Humane Society fights animal cruelty throughout Columbus and advocates for animals in the county.

And the final two groups I am putting a good word in for are not animal related, but are still favorites:  WCBE, 90.5, our local public radio station, and Friends of the Drexel, supporting the independent movie theater in downtown Bexley.

I am an NPR junkie and my views of the world come directly from WCBE. I don’t watch the news on television (too depressing), so the only real world news I get is from my public radio. I also love seeing the lesser known and usually award-winning films at the Drexel Theater in Bexley.

Pick one of these non-profits or one of the other 600 that are involved in The Big Give on September 17 and 18 and double your donation for many great causes. Believe me, most charities can use the extra help right now!


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