From an abandoned, abused baby who was left at a bus stop with two broken ankles to Super Star–such is the path a rescue dog can take. And this is the journey that Fruit Bat West traversed to begin her acting career this March in the Grandview Heights High School production of Legally Blonde, The Musical!

In case you don’t know Fruit Bat’s sorrowful story, you can read it HERE and see photos of her in her little leg casts.

But just a quick summary. Fruit Bat was found off of West Broad Street several years ago with both back ankles fractured so that she was unable to move. She laid immobilized for hours until a kind good samaritan from Colony Cats took her to Dr. Kim West. Dr. West saved her life and christened her with her quirkily appropriate name–Fruit Bat, because she did look like a Fruit Bat (and Dr. West had been naming rescue cats over several months following the alphabet and had reached “F” in her naming schedule).

The rest of Fruit Bat’s story unfolded like a tear jerker Hollywood movie. Dr. West adopted her. She healed. She went from homeless and helpless in the blink of an eye.

Now loved and spoiled in the West household and the reigning Queen, along with her sister, Tupelo, at her mom’s vet clinic, Health and Harmony Animal Hospital, Fruit Bat had a fairy tale ending–something all rescue pups dream of finding.

Even when she was broken and homeless, however, this sweet chihuahua had star quality. She always seemed to be smiling and happy. She never lost hope.

Fruit Bat’s celebrity personality is apparent to everyone and she will soon be the star attraction in Legally Blonde, The Musical! playing the role of Bruiser, Elle’s beloved canine friend in the law school comedy.

Legally Blonde, The Musical! will be performed on Thursday, March 7 at 8 pm, Friday, March 8 at 8 pm, and Saturday, March 9 at 2 pm and 8 pm. Tickets are $8 or $10, depending on the location in the auditorium.

Pick a day and come see this plucky pup perform!

Fruit Bat is even included in the cast list. Look for her name beside Bruiser’s character on the cast list HERE.

For more information on the show dates and times, go HERE.  Grandview Heights High School is located at 1587 West Third Avenue in Grandview Heights.

Fruit Bat will also be having a red carpet event…to be announced by her proud stage mom.

We would wish Fruit Bat the normal theater congrats on her opening night: “Break a leg.” But in this case, knowing her history, we don’t think that is appropriate. Instead we will tell her to have a “doggone” good time and show everyone the power of rescue and of love.

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