Tigger, submitted by Jennifer

Voting for the “luckiest pet” runs from February 21 to March 18. We had four people enter their kitties in the “Luckiest Pet Contest” sponsored by Petfinder.com, Petco, and Animal Planet. Thank you to Debbie, Jennifer, Cynthia, and Jessica for entering Grayson, Tigger, Susan, and Cali in the contest as the luckiest pets around!

If Grayson, Tigger, Susan, or Cali’s photos win, their moms will win a $500 gift card to Petco and Black and Orange will receive a $5,000 donation!

You can vote once a day for either Grayson, Tigger, Susan, or Cali from February 21 to March 18!

To vote, go HERE and put in “Black and Orange” under “See the Lucky Pets.” The four photos included in this blog posting are the photos you will see of Tigger, Grayson, Susan, and Cali when you go to vote. Choose one of them and vote for your favorite to help B and O win!

Just a note on Susan. She is Cynthia’s foster kitty and is available for adoption. This sweet older gal is deaf and declawed. She was found wandering at a local farmer’s market, starving and alone. To read more about Susan and see other photos, go HERE. And if you are interested in adopting Susan, download an application on our web site, www.bandocats.org, under “How you can help” and “Adopt.” Once you have filled it out, either email it back to bandocats@gmail.com or fax it to 614-873-0972.

Again, vote once a day until March 18 for your favorite kitty!

Grayson, submitted by Debbie

Cali, submitted by Jessica

Susan, submitted by Cynthia

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