Our good friend, former foster, and author, Linda Stanek, has started a wonderful company called Ari’s Garden, with her friend and colleague, Jen Funk Weber. Ari’s Garden publishes puzzle books and other educational materials for children and adults.

Several months ago, Linda emailed me asking for photos of feral kitties for a puzzle book she was writing about Trap Neuter Return (TNR). I put the word out to several of our volunteers and they worked with Linda to provide pictures of both feral and friendly cats for the book.

There are actually two sudoku books available from Ari’s Garden which feature cat photos from our volunteers, Kristin Ramsdell and Kim Longnecker Swider. There are also a few pictures that I sent Linda, as well, in the books. The books are Good Fun Sudoku for Kids, Volume One, which contains “Puzzles for Ages 6 and Up with Fascinating Cat Facts, Photos, and Jokes,” and Good Fun Sudoku, Volume One, containing “Easy, Moderate, and Difficult Puzzles with Fascinating Cat Facts, Quotes, Photos, and Jokes.” Who doesn’t want a book containing fascinating cat info?

The books also feature photos of adoptable kitties that were taken at Colony Cats‘ adoption center.

By the way, the buff, fluffy kitty on the front of Good Fun Sudoku, Volume 1, is a semi-feral kitty that Linda helped get vet care. He and his momma kitty both were fixed using Trap Neuter Return methods.

To buy your own copies of Good Fun Sudoku and Good Fun Sudoku for Kids (both with the sub-title Supporting Feline Trap Neuter Return), go HERE.

The other nice thing about these books is that Ari’s Garden donates “10% of profits from the book sales to the causes designated by each book.” Yeah! Have fun and help kitties all at the same time.

To find out more about Linda, visit her web page HERE.

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