National Feral Cat Day was started ten years ago by Alley Cat Allies to teach people about the importance of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for feral cats. At the time, TNR was a very new idea, but one that has grown and become a much more accepted practice nationwide thanks to Alley Cat Allies and the many other rescue groups that use this method to help cats in their communities.

TNR involves humanely trapping colonies of feral cats, transporting them to a clinic for vet care (sterilization, vaccines, and ear-tipping), and then returning them to their home base. TNR replaces the outdated and unnecessary method of Trap and Kill. Many people also often think the “R” in TNR stands for Release or Relocate, but a major component of this practice is that the cats are Returned to their home where they are familiar with places to hide and know the other cats in the colony.

The two cats that are featured in the logo for National Feral Cat Day are really two feral cats who were fixed in a TNR project in Washington DC. You can read the story of Fred and Ginger HERE.

Read about all the events taking place on this important day HERE.

And in honor of National Feral Cat Day, Xenotees is selling an ear-tipped kitty pillowcase and donating 100 percent of the profits to a Philadelphia rescue, Four the Paws. Ear-tipping, as most of you know, is the universal way to show that a cat has been fixed. A tiny portion is cut off the top of one ear (usually the left ear) to indicate that the cat is already spayed or neutered.

You can order your own ear-tipped kitty pillowcases (or tote bags!) by going HERE.

To read a really good article about TNR on Moderncat, go HERE.

Thank you to Moderncat for letting me know about these super ear-tipped cat pillowcases!

Additionally, in honor of National Feral Cat Day, you can get a discount on Tomahawk and Tru-Catch humane traps. Receive $10 off Tomahawk’s Neighborhood Cats Trap (which usually sells for $60) by using coupon code NFCD12. And get the Tru-Catch Light Duty Animal Trap on sale for $50 (normally priced at $69.99).

To find out more about the trap discounts, go HERE.

Happy National Feral Cat Day!

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