I told everyone about the Get Your Fix web site back in March and I have become addicted to the site. The site was started by the Fixit Foundation after receiving numerous emails from people nationwide who wanted to spay or neuter their pets, but just could not afford to do so. The Get Your Fix site allows people to create a profile for the animal they need fixed and include their story and a photo. People, like me, who want to help get an animal fixed, can put in their zip code and look for animals within 25 or 100 miles from them or anywhere nationwide. Once an animal is chosen, you then make a donation toward the surgery costs. The donation amount is $100 and the folks at Get Your Fix then contact the pet owner and make all the arrangements to get the animal into a vet for the surgery.

For the people in the Columbus area who list cats on the Get Your Fix site, I’ve contacted them and sent them to the clinics we use. Black and Orange then covered the costs since we could fund a spay or neuter for less than the $100 donation.

Most of the animals I have funded personally for surgeries have been dogs, because the $100 donation is very reasonable to spay or neuter a dog, especially a large dog. The two dogs pictured, Zoe and Bo, were dogs I sponsored for my mom’s birthday last month. This photo is of them shortly after they had their surgeries. It makes me feel so good to know an animal will have a better life. And, yes, I fund spays and neuters for family member’s (and friend’s) birthdays. They understand. They know me. They think it is an unusual birthday gift, but everyone so far has loved knowing they’ve helped a dog or cat “get their fix.”

I just had an email Dr. Kellie Heckman, one of the founders of Fixit Foundation, alerting me to a grant from the Shumaker Foundation which will allow one animal to be fixed for free with every paid donation to fix another animal in the same household. That’s a 2 for 1 deal! While funds last, if you sponsor an animal in a multi-pet household on the Get Your Fix web site, a second animal will be fixed for free!

For more information about this super opportunity, go HERE.

I know I will definitely be taking advantage of this great deal and helping two animals get fixed for my one donation!

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