It is not often that I am surprised by people’s generosity and kindness–people are so nice that most things no longer amaze me. But something that happened this week did make me think twice about how compassionate people can be–especially children.

I had an email from a former adopter, Carrie, telling me about something very special her daughter, Sofia, had done. The DiNovo family had just recently adopted a second kitty from us after also having adopted one a few years ago. Because of her love of her furry friends (Norm and Marna, the cats, and some special dogs, too), Sofia had decided that, instead of birthday presents for her seventh birthday this year, she wanted her family and friends to instead buy gifts for homeless kitties.

I don’t know many kids who, at age 7, would forego toys and brightly wrapped packages of goodies. But Sofia did. Instead, her friends brought her bags of cat litter, dry cat food, treats, and toys–enough to fill the back of the family’s mini van.

You can see Sofia in the photo above with all the kitty presents she received for her birthday and then donated to Black and Orange.

Sofia told her mom that someday she wants to be an “animal rescuer,” too.

I just want to send a huge thank you out to Miss Sofia for giving up her birthday presents and so generously helping homeless kitties. I also want to wish her a belated Happy 7th Birthday from everyone, especially the kitties, at Black and Orange.

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