In an email from Tobin Franks, Tobin let me know that the next Canton City Council meeting will be held this Monday, March 12 at 7 pm in the Canton City Council Chambers located at 218 Cleveland Avenue SW in Canton.

Tobin wrote: “As you may already know, the Animal Control Contract is being brought up for a final vote on Monday the 12th. The Council is suspending their normal rules and will go ahead with all three readings to renew the Animal Control Contract through 12/13/2013. The Council is making this decision just days prior to the Alley Cat Allies Town Hall meeting that is planned for Wednesday, March 14. Additionally, the Council is acting before the existing, amended 90-day contract is set to expire. This is a far cry from making a thoughtful, deliberate decision.”

For Canton Residents: Please attend the City Council meeting on Monday, March 12 and speak out against renewing the contract and voice your favor for the non-lethal alternatives being advocated by Alley Cat Allies. Many people already have raised their voices in opposition, but more are needed. Please be at the Canton City Hall by 7 pm to sign in and then speak out for the cats.

Canton Residents are also needed to write “Letters to the Editor” to the Canton Repository. Here is a link to the Letters to the Editor page that you can use to submit online:

To help you write your letter and have thoughtful speaking points for the Council meeting, take a look at these tips offered by Alley Cat Allies HERE.

A hardcopy petition drive is also being organized and taking place this weekend. If you see the petitioners out in your community, please stop and sign. If you would like to help out with the petitions and can gather signatures, please email Tobin Franks at

Read the Alley Cat Allies press release on the Canton cats HERE.

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