Vivian Opelt is always outdoing herself with the wonderful things she does for cats and for us. She is truly our angel and an angel to the kitties who cross her path.

I first met Vivian through Dr. Kim West when Dr. West worked at Riverside Drive Animal Care Center in Dublin. Vivian helped the staff place cats that had been turned in by owners or found as strays (she still does). Since we were doing the same thing, Dr. West put us in contact with each other and Vivian began helping us find adopters for our abandoned and discarded kitties, too. I remember the very first cat she helped us place was a big, black, gentle giant of a tom cat.

Vivian paid to place ads for our kitties in the community newspapers. She had been doing that for many years for her strays and found a ton of good people that way. Vivian brought several wonderful adopters to us with her ads.

Besides helping us find homes for our cats, Vivian has also sponsored us in golf outings through her employer, The Wendy’s Company, bought our t-shirts for her fellow employees, and donated food, money, and anything else she thought we might need.

In 2010, Vivian was the winner of the Mini Cooper car that we had been raffling off. She not only paid for tickets for the drawing, she also paid for an ad in several community papers to advertise the drawing to increase our donations. We raised almost $9,000 with the raffle. When Vivian won the car, she donated it back to us and we were able to sell it for another $4,000. That was a lot of money to help spay and neuter and provide vet care for cats in need.

In January, Vivian wrote me and said she was signing us up for a Wendy’s Community Ambassador Grant (click on this link and then scroll down the page to read about Vivian). The grant is an employee volunteer recognition program that honors Wendy’s employees for their charitable work, as well as the charitable organization they support. The grant recognizes the spirit of Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, in employees who “give something back.”

At the time she was writing the grant, Vivian’s beloved cat, Phoebe, passed away. Vivian wrote the grant in honor of Phoebe. And Phoebe acted as our guardian angel and helped us. We received the $2500 grant. You can see it below, resting in the paws of a very happy, multi-colored kitty. You can also see Vivian below being honored for her wonderful work for cats.

I’d like to ask each of you to please take the time to “Like” The Wendy’s Company and post a thank you on their Facebook page for their generosity. I’d also ask each of you to eat at least one meal in the next week at a local Wendy’s to show your gratitude for the good work they do within their communities.

Thank you to The Wendy’s Company for honoring Vivian and us with this grant.

Thank you to Vivian for all that she does for cats in the Central Ohio area and for Black and Orange. We love you!

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  • Yea! This couldn’t have been a better story if you tried. I love everything that Black and Orange and Vivian do. You are all wonderful and have such big hearts full of patience! I’m just honored to get to work with all of you and a lot of the kitties too. Thank you for all you do.

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