From an email I had from Tobin Franks, Alley Cat Allies will be coming to Canton, Ohio and spending the week of March 12th in the city in hopes of convincing the City Council to embrace Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). As mentioned in previous posts, which you can read HERE and HERE, Canton City Council is trying to decide whether to continue killing feral cats and other wildlife that are trapped by animal control or to move forward to more humane methods.

On Wednesday, March 14, Jeff Dorson from Alley Cat Allies will host a Town Hall Meeting in the McKinley Room at the Stark County District Library, 715 Market Avenue, North in Canton, from 6-7:30 pm. During the meeting, Alley Cat Allies will present a plan to help the City of Canton effectively and humanely control Canton’s feral cat population.

All individuals, advocacy groups, rescues, and city officials are encouraged to attend this very important Town Hall Meeting on March 14. Please round up all your friends and neighbors to attend on behalf of the cats!!

Before March 14, you can also attend several other meetings for the cats.

This first meeting is probably NOT one for cat lovers. It will be Wednesday, February 22, at 4:45 pm in the Caucus Room of the Canton City Hall. This meeting is for Council members and residents who are in SUPPORT of Phil Sedlacko and the current program for animal control.

The next meeting will be the Executive Session held at the next Council meeting at Canton City Hall on February 27 at 7:30 pm. At this meeting Member Barton wants Phil Sedlacko to be present to answer any questions Council members may have for him. This one would be a good meeting to attend, just to hear Mr. Sedlacko speak for himself about what he is doing.

A third meeting will also occur sometime during the week of February 27 with the TNR group, including Tobin Franks, and Council. I’ll let you now more about that meeting once I know a date, time, and location.

Please continue to speak out for Canton’s cats.

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