The Canton, Ohio City Council is currently deciding whether to grant a one-year “professional-services contract not to exceed $27,129 for animal control services” with Philip Sedlacko, who has filled that position in the past. The contract would run from February 1 through January 31, 2013. Included in “animal control services” is the trapping and killing of stray and feral cats in an endless cycle that does nothing to stop the feline overpopulation problem. Tiny kittens will be separated from their moms. Colony members will be removed from their homes and families and sent to die. And, sadly, nothing will be accomplished except needless killing.

Read the article about the animal control ordinance HERE.

Canton City Council will be meeting on Monday, January 30 at 7:30 pm about this issue. The meeting will be held in the Council Chamber at City Hall at 218 Cleveland Avenue S.W. If you wish to speak at the meeting, you must go early and sign in with the clerk.

The cats need us to speak up for them, as they cannot make their voices heard without us.

Alley Cat Allies, the largest group nationwide fighting to save feral cats, has produced a public service announcement to let people know that local governments are killing cats to reduce their numbers. Watch that YouTube video HERE.

In one of many articles on their web site, Alley Cat Allies explains why Trap and Kill does not work. When you remove one set of cats, more move into the area as resources become available. This phenomenon, known as “The Vacuum Effect,” has been documented in numerous scientific studies. The population quickly rebounds leading to the necessity for more killing. And on and on and on.

The only true solution is trap-neuter-return (TNR). This method humanely traps the cats, sterilizes them so no new kittens will be born in the colony, and then releases them back into their territory where they were originally trapped.

Additionally, while the killing of feral cats may seem legal since it is being carried out by local governments, feral cats are covered under anti-cruelty laws in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

To write, email, or call the Canton City Council members and ask them to stop the killing and find a better solution, please go HERE.

A petition has also been started to put pressure on the Council members to find a more humane way to help the cats.

Sign the petition by going HERE.

Below is a copy of the report that is filled out each month by the animal control department in Canton. This report is for the month of May 2011. If you click on it, you can see that 46 cats and 20 kittens were trapped and, therefore, killed during that month.

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