On Thursday, November 10, and Friday, November 11, The Columbus Foundation will present a 24 hour opportunity to match donations to Central Ohio non-profits that are part of their PowerPhilanthropy–up to 1 million dollars! From 11 am on November 10 to 11 am on November 11, credit card donations of $20 or more will be matched by The Columbus Foundation.

To participate, just visit Columbusfoundation.org.

Click on the GIVE NOW button.

Select the non-profit of your choice from among 600 organizations that are part of PowerPhilanthropy.

One of the groups I am recommending that people donate to is Columbus Dog Connection. In an email I had today, Kellie DiFrischia, said that any funds they receive during The Big Give, will be used for The Big Fix. Columbus Dog Connection will use all donations to help spay and neuter dogs and cats in rural areas or to fix feral cats and pit bulls in Franklin County. Columbus Dog Connection has a Mobile Spay/Neuter Truck and to ease the burden of fundraising for other rescues, they also write for and share grant money to help save more cats and dogs.

So if you choose Columbus Dog Connection during The Big Give, your money will be donated and help with The Big Fix.

The second group I am suggesting is The Ohio Wildlife Center. Any donations that are made to the Ohio Wildlife Center will be used to help wild animals that have been injured and to support their work in the hospital and in their educational programs. They are a great place and I have taken rescued baby birds, bunnies, and other wildlife in need to them on many occasions.

And the final group I am putting a good word in for is WCBE, 90.5, our local public radio station. I am an NPR junkie and my views of the world come directly from WCBE. I don’t watch the news on television (too depressing), so the only real world news I get is from my public radio.

Pick one of these non-profits or one of the other 600 that are involved in The Big Give tomorrow and Friday and double your donation for many great causes. Believe me, most charities can use the extra help right now!


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