Petfinder has this cute new thing to celebrate June as “Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat” month. They partnered with the LOLcats site to allow us to show off our adoptable kitties to a much wider audience.  All you have to do is view one of our adoptable kitties on Petfinder.  Go to to do that.  When you pick one of our kitties, you will see a button under their photo that says, “ADD TO ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM  When you click on the button, you can write a creative “LOL-worthy” caption.  These are photos that you look at and immediately think, “I know what that cat is saying.”  

After you have submitted one of our kitties with a caption, it will go into the gallery and all visitors will vote on their favorites.  The photo with the most votes will go on the home page of and get a link back to the Petfinder Pet Notes page, increasing the view of that adoptable kitty!!!

So submit a funny caption for a B and O cat and then vote for that captioned kitty to get some great publicity for our kitties!!!

I made one that you can check out for Delancey, one of our adoptable black kitties. We dressed Delancey and his sister, Darcy, in rabbit ears for Easter, but they were absolutely miserable.  Delancey’s ears stuck out at the side and we thought he looked like “the flying nun”–Sally Field’s whipple in the old television show had nothing on this look.  

If you’d like to view our edition to the site, go to

Once you create an account you can pick this as one of your favorites and we’ll get five cheeseburgers!! If we get enough votes, we’ll get to be on the home page where lots of people will see one of our adoptable kitties.  So make one of your own or vote for Delancey!!

Delancey in rabbit ears

Delancey in rabbit ears

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