I recently learned about The Pet Postcard Project while I was researching Nitro’s Law. Nikki Moustaki, who started the site, is also carrying out a campaign in which she plans to eat dog food for one meal a day until Nitro’s Law is passed (she started eating dog food on February 1, 2011).

With The Pet Postcard Project, postcards equal food for animals in shelters and rescues. You make postcards and for each postcard turned in, a pet food company agrees to pledge a certain amount of food to shelters and rescues. “Spokesdogs” or “Spokescats” (groups of people, represented by a cute furry face, such as Girl Scout Troops, clubs, or other organizations) choose a shelter that they want to receive the food and they ask others to help them send in as many postcards as possible.

Your postcards could also help you win cool prizes! Read the contest guidelines HERE.

The postcards are homemade by YOU and must feature a dog or cat in your life. They also must include a “funny, heartwarming, or profound” sentiment. The cards are in one of four categories: confessions/secrets, advice, wishes, or “you know you love your dog/cat when…” Once you have made your postcard, you mail it in an envelope to The Pet Postcard Project, 676A Ninth Ave. #321, New York, NY 10036.

To read the complete guidelines on how to make postcards, go HERE.

Some of the winning postcards also get featured on the web site, so if you are creative, get cracking to help feed hungry animals.


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