I recently came across this license tag on the back of a car and was intrigued to find out more. The Florida plate, featuring a dog and a cat on a beach and the words “Spay Neuter” and “Animal Friend,” promotes companion animal sterilization in much the same way that the Ohio Pet Friendly tags do.

Like Ohio, Florida sells the Animal Friend pet plate to raise money for grants that go to rescue groups and shelters to fund spay and neuter surgeries. The Florida program got under way in 2005 and has helped to save the lives of many, many cats and dogs across the state since its inception.

I love the tag line for “The Spay Neuter License Plate.”  It reads: “How the Problem of Homeless Pets Gets Fixed!” A very neat play on words.

The plate also features a cartoon dog and cat named Max and Charlie.

To read more about the Florida plate, visit the Florida Animal Friend web site HERE.

Similarly, The Ohio Pet Fund began giving out grants in 2006 to Ohio rescue groups and shelters to help with spay, neuter, and sterilization education. The money for these grants came from the sale of the pet tags.

Happily, Black and Orange has been the recipient of a grant from The Ohio Pet Fund each year since they started funding this important work. If you don’t have an Ohio pet plate, please buy one the next time you renew your license or tags. These tags feature a dog, a cat, or a dog and a cat together. To find out how you can purchase your own Ohio pet plate, please visit HERE.

There are also horse tags and you can find out about them on the Ohio’s Horse License Plate web site HERE.

We hope that every state will adopt similar programs to help with the very important goal of sterilizing companion dogs and cats.

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