Many of you may remember Miss Kitty who I featured in a blog posting back in November. My friend, Cynthia, wrote me about the cat who had a botched declaw surgery and was dumped outside to live. Cynthia kindly looked out for the pathetic creature and made sure she had food and a safe place to sleep until she was adopted by Jane Martin and her family right before Christmas (HURRAH–the best happy ending ever).

Jane decided to submit Miss Kitty’s story to The Animal Rescue Site’s New Beginnings Story Contest to help B and O possibly win a $3,000 grant (thank you, Jane–that is so nice).

Here is how the contest works if you would also like to enter and help B and O, too! From now until February 27, you can submit stories about animals that received a “new beginning” and designate a rescue organization to win $3,000 if your story is chosen. On February 28 and 29, judges will pick five story finalists. Then between March 2 and 20, everyone gets to vote for their favorite story. We’ll let you know if Miss Kitty’s story makes it into the top five. We certainly hope so.

To read the story that Jane Martin submitted about Miss Kitty for the New Beginnings Story Contest, go HERE.

Happily, because Jane provided Miss Kitty with a new beginning, this is one kitty we don’t have to worry about any more.

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