Each year, National Spay Day is celebrated on the last Tuesday of February. This year it falls on Tuesday, February 22. To celebrate, Rascal Charities and the Rascal Unit will be spotlighting “Big and Beautiful” dogs to sterilize. On Spay Day, they will sterilize 50-60 large breed dogs for only $35 (which will also include a rabies vaccine if the dog needs one).

You must meet the Rascal Charities criteria to have the sterilization done and you must schedule for the event by calling 614-791-7729.

To find out more about this Spay Day event, visit the Rascal Charities web site, HERE.

To help with funding for this event, Rascal Charities will also be selling event t-shirts, which can be purchased at their office in Dublin or by emailing a request to joseph@rascalunit.com

To find out more about Spay Day, an event sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States, visit their web site HERE.

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