I received a thank you card in the mail featuring a chihuahua in a sombrero and the message “Muchas Gracias.” The dog on the front was adorable, but I was also intrigued to read the back of the card and find out that the pup “pin-up” was an “Underdog” named Maggie who had been in a shelter seeking a home. Maggie was the last of a litter that was left in a “cardboard box in a grocery store parking lot.”  Maggie’s “Special Power” was that she was a “Rottweiler wannabe and part time desperado.” The card continued, “If you need a fearless guard dog, she’s your hombre.”

The card, part of a line called Hooray for the Underdog!, was sent to me by a dear lady, Caroline, who knows a lot about rescued dogs needing a home. She adopted a formerly penned and heart worm positive dog named Maggie Moo (or just “The Moo”), who Bobbie, Dr. West, and I worked for months to help. So, of course, Caroline would be sending cards featuring other pets looking for a home.

Hooray for the Underdog! cards are made by husband and wife photographers, Janet Healey and Joe Grisham. The dogs and cats in the pictures are up for adoption in shelters or have been rescued and adopted. Ten percent of all proceeds from the card sales are donated to shelters and animal welfare organizations. The cards have been featured on Oprah as a “gift that gives back.”

The motto for Hooray for the Underdog! cards is: “Celebrate the power and spirit of rescued animals everywhere.” And the card line is defined by this: “Great stationary with exceptional images and inspiring profiles of pets that were abandoned and then given a second chance at life.”

Since I am somewhat of a “card junkie,” this may soon be my favorite place to visit online. But beyond cards, they also offer journals, notepads, prints, folders, place mats, and pet tags. A little bit of something for everyone–especially ME (I’m a journal junkie, too…sigh).

To see the Oprah story, go HERE.

To browse the line of cards, go HERE.

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