If any of you have watched the television show, The Office, you will know that one of the characters, Angela, has a web cam on her cats at home, so she can watch their antics from her desk at work. The Office is one of my favorite shows, not only because of the intelligently hilarious and offbeat writing or Angela’s often familiar feline antics (she feeds the ferals in the parking lot at Dunder Mifflin, the paper company where she works), but because I also like to watch the romantic play between Jim and Pam.

Pam, who is played by Jenna Fischer on the show, once commented to Angela that she was “more of a dog person.” While that may be true of the show’s character, in real life, Jenna Fischer is a cat lover and a cat rescuer. In fact, before becoming a big star, Jenna volunteered with Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles as a foster mom. Now she uses her star power to host Kitten Rescue’s annual “Fur Ball,” a silent auction and dinner event. In 2010, Jenna helped the group raise over $65,000 at The Fur Ball.

Because I am such a big fan of the show, I recently christened three of a foster’s unnamed kittens with names from The Office: Dunder, Mifflin, and Halpert. Dunder and Mifflin for the Scranton paper company featured in the show. Halpert being Jim and Pam’s last name (now that they are married). Imagine my surprise to learn that Jenna Fischer had also rescued her own Dunder and Mifflin from the set of the show. She then went on to foster the pair and find them a forever family.

Although, Fischer has helped many other cats, one cat remains constant in her life–her best bud, Andy, who is now almost 20 years old. You can read more about Andy HERE.

It is always nice to read inspiring stories about those in the spotlight doing all they can to help those less fortunate. I am glad to know that Jenna Fischer, like all of us, is a cat rescuer extraordinaire!

To read about Jenna Fischer’s rescue adventures, click HERE and HERE.

To visit Kitten Rescue’s web site, go HERE.

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