I recently came across an article in a magazine about the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the Foundation they run which helps provide vet care to families who cannot afford it for their companion animals. The AAHA Foundation provides care for sick and injured pets when owners are facing financial difficulties or even when the animal is abandoned at the vet’s office. Since we often have people contact us looking for help with medical care for their pets, I thought this would be a good bit of information to pass along. We try, as we have funding, to help, but we cannot always provide hundreds or even thousands of dollars to assist.

With this program, vet care is provided through AAHA-accredited veterinary practices, who apply for grants on behalf of the pet in need. The amount is limited to $700 per practice in a calendar year and $500 to a particular family seeking help. The vet practice has to fill out a grant and submit it for the pet within three weeks after treatment has been given.

To find out more, visit: AAHAHelpingPets.org

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