We did the drawing for the Mini Cooper S on Wednesday, December 29. We still had people buying tickets up until the very last minute. We sold a total of 174 tickets and raised just under $9,000. With that money, we can neuter almost 350 male cats and spay nearly 220 female cats (or some combination of the two). We sold tickets across Ohio and even out of the state.

Joe helped me do the drawing by holding the video camera and speaking. We decided that we would pick a random customer who came in Plain City Druggist to draw the ticket. We waited in agony for 10 minutes for someone to arrive so we could nab them for our job. Thank you to Betty Williamson for so graciously allowing us to videotape her and for choosing the raffle ticket. We also want to thank Roger Weeks for allowing us to use his ticket drum.

The winning ticket belonged to Vivian Opelt, who is a wonderful supporter of Black and Orange. Vivian also works on her own to spay and neuter stray cats and adopt them to families. We’ve been working with Vivian for several years, posting cats for her and helping each other find homes for our kitties.

Vivian was on vacation this week from her job at Wendy’s, so it took me a bit to finally track her down. When I finally did, she thought I was calling about a lead on a home for two of her kittens, Mickey and Tony (you can see their cute faces on our Petfinder site: www.bandocats.petfinder.com).

You can watch the entire video of the raffle drawing (just a little over two minutes) on the Black and Orange Facebook page HERE. It’s not too exciting, but we wanted proof that the drawing was legitimate. I, however, am a bit too excited about Vivian’s name being drawn and exclaim, “I know Vivian!” As if I didn’t know almost everyone who entered the drawing. Vivian was truly a deserving winner and we thank her for all that she has done to support us.

I also want to thank everyone who entered the raffle. I felt a bit sad to see the contest end, because so many people hoped the Mini would be theirs. I’m sorry not everyone could win!

I also want to thank Ernie Sparks of Ernie’s Medicine Shoppe (formerly London Apothecary) for donating the car and helping us raise so much money to spay and neuter area cats.

We all had a ton of fun with this raffle. Thank you again for helping us be “Mini, but Mighty.” And we hope that Vivian’s cats will not be allowed to drive the Mini unless in a complete emergency.

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