My good friend, Cynthia, sent me an email about a declawed cat who has been staying on her back porch. The cat belongs to Cynthia’s neighbors, but they decided they did not want her any more and tossed her outside. Miss Kitty, as Cynthia has named her, was declawed when she was younger, but it was a “botched” job and her feet are now a bit deformed due to this.

Cynthia has her own colony of cats that she takes care of. The problem is, they are not too friendly with any outsiders who try to join their group. So poor Miss Kitty is trying to fit in, but is, unfortunately, miserable in this new situation. She keeps running back over to her old home, crying at the door, hoping they will let her inside again.

Miss Kitty appears to be a tabby Maine Coon cat. She is already spayed and had a poor declaw surgery at some point in her short life. If anyone would have a warm, safe spot for her, Black and Orange will pay to have her vaccinated, tested, and given any other vet care she may need. In fact, if some foster space frees up within the next few months, I’ll see what we can do to help Miss Kitty. But if anyone reading this would like to help this poor cat, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Here is what Cynthia wrote me about Miss Kitty:

“I am really needing to find a forever home for this poor little girl….she was mutilated as a kitty ….botched de-clawing….wish we could make a poster girl of her…..She is living on my back porch….when she gets out she runs ‘home’ and pleads at their back door…they slam the door and pull the drapes….she is so miserable…she hates the other cats…’s getting colder and I know she is in pain…I know how my hands feel when they get cold…I can’t imagine having had the tips of my fingers cut off….She is very distrustful (duhhhh!), but sweet natured…She isn’t hurting anything here…what’s one more? But she should be happy and warm, and I have a colony of sixteen cats, who do not want her around. We, humans did this to her….I feel responsible…..”

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  • hi i just read this, i live a world away in new zealand. This is just so horrible. I just cant imagine her own owners just not wanting her. Hopefully someone will find a home for her she looks lovely. I pray someone opens up their heart to her and get her claws fixed.

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