I had an email from a lady, Olivia Smith, who needs to temporarily place her mother’s two cats in foster care until she and her husband can move from her grandmother’s house where they are currently staying. As Olivia related, her grandmother is extremely allergic to the cats and the doctor has advised that the cats can no longer stay in the house. Additionally, Olivia will need help transporting the cats to foster care. They are currently in Conneaut, Ohio near the Pennsylvania border.

Here is what Olivia wrote: “I need to find a temporary foster home for my mom’s cats. My husband and I will be taking them with us when we move (currently living with her and my grandmother), but they need to be out of the house for now because my grandmother has severe allergies and her coughing is getting worse. Her doctor said they have to go.  The closer to where we are now, the better, so we don’t have to travel so far to get them back.  We also don’t have transportation to take them to the foster home, which has been a huge problem for us. We’ve had 2 possible places to take them and we couldn’t get them there so the foster care fell through. My husband is a truck driver, so when we move, it won’t be a problem to come and get them.  We are currently in Conneaut, OH, which is on I-90 near the PA state line.

“I have attached pictures of each of them. Phebe is about 4, and Sassy just turned 3.  They have been tested for FIV and leukemia, and both are fixed. Sassy is front declawed; Phebe uses a post.”

If you can help foster Phebe, who is the orange and white cat pictured, and Sassy, the Siamese mix (the family would like for them to stay together if possible), please email me at bandocats@columbus.rr.com and I will put you in contact with Olivia. As a side note, I would be glad to help set up a transport to get the cats from Conneaut to wherever their new foster home may be located. We have done this type of thing several times to take cats to new homes in New York and Virginia, so just getting them across the state should not be a problem.

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