Apple Seed peeking out the door at me. He wants his breakfast…NOW!

Bean Bag and Apple Seed are the brothers who came from the construction site. Bean Bag had the jaw that was broken in five places and we did not know if he was going to survive. But survive he did and the boys are both flourishing and doing so well (which just goes to show what can happen with a bit of love and care). They love to play and their favorite game is trying to dart out of my office where they are staying. Each morning when I arrive with breakfast, I am greeted by little kitten faces trying to push their way free. This game is usually  followed by a rousing game of “chase,” as I run through the house trying to carouse them back to eat their breakfast.

Bean Bag and Apple Seed--nothing keeps these boys from enjoying their lives.


The two are the best of buddies. Bean Bag has not grown any bigger. He has filled out some, but he is still as small as a four month old kitten. Frankly, we don’t think he will ever get any bigger. We think the lack of nourishment as a baby caused his growth to be stunted. Apple Seed is twice his size and we still call Bean Bag the “Mini Me” version of his bigger brother.

Chillin' in his chair, Bean Bag is enjoying the good life.

Bean Bag also suffered damage to his right eye when he was hit in the face. He is blind in the right eye. We don’t know if he is completely blind or only partially, but he does have trouble figuring out what is going on when something happens on his right side. He will turn around to look with his left eye. Sometimes, he also jumps if you approach him from the right side and he does not see you coming. 

These are the happiest cats you will ever meet. They love everything–their toys, their food, a dust bunny they can chase across the floor. Everything makes them jump around with joy. They especially love people and love having your attention. The boys are still looking for their forever home, but we know a wonderful family is searching for them, too!

Pink ears, pink nose, white whiskers, and big eyes. Have you ever seen anything as cute as me? Well, I guess my brother, since he looks just like me.


Play with me!

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