McKenzie’s Law is named for the little Scottish Terrier in the picture above, who is a “puppy mill survivor.” This law is being sponsored by Rep. Cheryl Grossman, who is working with SK 9 Scotties, the Animal Law Coalition, and the people across Ohio who are trying to stop dog auctions and puppy mills by getting initiatives on ballots for voters. 

This potential law needs our support and you can give it by downloading and signing the Endorsement Form for McKenzie’s Law (the link is at the end of this posting).

In an email from Mary Shaver, who is leading the movement to stop Ohio dog auctions, she explained the benefits of McKenzie’s Law:


“There are less than 200 Ohio commercial dog breeding kennels licensed by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, but there are hundreds more of these facilities in the state. Kennels that sell dogs directly to the public through ads or over the internet are not regulated by USDA and more are coming to Ohio each year. One commercial dog breeder claims in his county, Holmes County, the puppy mill industry earns $9 million annually. That is in just one Ohio County. The state and local government did not receive, however, tax revenue from those sales of dogs.


“(1) would use the present government entities, eliminating any additional cost to state and county government.

“(2) bring tax revenue into the State of Ohio and into county and city government as well.

“(3) will ensure the state and local government receive their share of tax revenues from these business.

“(4) allows state and local government to monitor and regulate commercial dog breeders ensuring tax revenues are collected.

“(5) limits commercial breeders to 50 breeding dogs which will make enforcement of standards possible and could reduce costs to county and city shelters.

“(6) protects hobby breeders.

“(7) protects reputable commercial dog breeders.

“(8) protects the consumer from commercial dog breeders or pet stores that sell puppies that are sick, diseased or have congenital defects or behavior problems.

“(9) requires all commercial kennels with more than five (5) breeding dogs to meet minimum standards of care.

“(10) does not have complicated, expensive state licensing and registration scheming.

“(11) restricts one kennel per property address.

“(12) would improve breeding dogs living conditions.

“(13) would require all commercial breeders obtain a business vendors license and report and pay sales tax on revenues collected on the sales. (ORC 5739.01 (B) (1) and ORC 5701.03 (A).

“(14) would require any Ohio commercials dog breeder with five (5) breeding dogs to obtain a local kennel license or zoning permit.

“(15) would eliminate dog auctions (WOOHOO!)

“(16) would provide for broad enforcement and cross-reporting 

“We are excited about McKenzie’s Law and feel confident the proposed legislation will end the suffering of the dogs, however we need your support! 

“Please take a moment and download the Endorsement Form available by visiting:;”

You can also read more about this law on The Animal Law Coalition’s Site. McKenzie’s Law is just one more step in the journey to stop puppy mills. 

Please download the Endorsement Form, fill it out, and send it back in. Changing our legislation can help thousands of animals.

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