As many of us know, black cats and dogs are often the ones that languish longest in shelters or get euthanized first. Black cats and dogs often seem to be the most bountiful. So what would you do if you were presented with this unique problem–saving the lives of 200 (yes, I said 200) black cats all at once?

This is exactly the situation faced by the director of Northside Humane Society in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I had an email from Lori D’Arensbourg this morning and here is what she wrote:

“I  am the Director of Northside Humane Society in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Last year I received a plea for help from a couple with approximately 200 cats. When I arrived at the residence, I was in shock at, not only the number of cats, but the fact they all are Black with only three that are black and white.  My first thought was it is going to be too overwhelming, spaying and finding homes for 200 of the least adoptable, black adult cats. I decided to look at this as a challenge and thought, even if we help 100 that is half that will not be killed at animal  control where 10,000 animals are killed every year.  I started picking up 15 – 20 cats every week and delivered them to and from Spay Baton Rouge spay days. To date we have spayed 170 and found homes for around 80.  With postings and  the story airing on two of our local news channels we still have between 120 and 130 to place. I speak frequently with animal control and they have granted a short reprieve but can’t give us much longer. I hear this all the time: ‘It all started out with 3 kittens.’   I’ve included a link with video from WVLA news.”

Here is that link: Black Cats in Baton Rouge 

I have to confess that I have a soft spot in my heart for black cats just because they so often are the cats people overlook. I realize that we have just as many black cats in need of homes here in Ohio and the plight of one group of black cats in faraway Baton Rouge might not seem worth focusing on since hundreds are being euthanized locally. But I keep putting myself in this situation. I have walked into a lot of overwhelming cat problems, but never a home filled with 200 black cats. And so I truly feel for the Northside Humane Society and Director Lori D’Arensbourg.

If you know anyone in the Baton Rouge area, please encourage them to consider adopting one of these kitties. If you can afford a donation, even a small one, to help these black kitties, please visit the Northside Humane Society’s web page.

And if you can do nothing else from here in Ohio (or wherever you may be in the world), please keep these kitties in your thoughts and send tons of positive energy and love their way.

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