I receive a newsletter occasionally from a group called ROAR, Rescue Operation for Animals of the Reservation. This group, which is part of  National Relief Charities, works with Native Americans to help with stray cats and dogs in their communities. Because Native American people have always had a special link with their animals, the services ROAR provides are especially important. 

ROAR does much of the same things we do, only concentrating their efforts on reservations. They firmly believe in Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and part of the newsletter focused on TNR efforts at the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana. It is always a joy for me to learn about other groups who are working for feral kitties. 

I also had a nice packet in the mail this week from Alley Cat Allies, featuring their new guide on “How to Help Feral Cats: A step-by-step guide to Trap-Neuter-Return.” Along with this very informative booklet, which features pictures and online resources, I also received a “Basic Truth” flyer about TNR, and a “We’re Helping Outdoor Cats” doorhanger. The doorhanger can be placed on doors in the neighborhoods where a group is trapping to alert neighbors to what is going on.  The flyers can be handed out to explain why TNR is so important. You get 50 flyers and 25 doorhangers in the complete kit.

Alley Cat Allies always provides wonderful resources for feral cat caretakers. If you would like to order the Alley Cat Allies Trapping Kit, you can do so online for only $15: Order Trapping Kit

The Kit also includes the “Alley Cat Allies Educational Video Library,” which contains a DVD of instructional trapping videos. 

For all of you who are helping feral cats, thank you! Especially now, during kitten season, it can seem overwhelming to hear of another feral mom with a litter of kittens. But one day, with all of us working together, ferals in need will be a thing of the past. So keep trapping and keep a hopeful attitude! Look how far we’ve come!

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