I had an email yesterday from Judi, who rescued the Siamese from the Kentucky kill shelter. She reported that Mr. Miles had an announcement…..

Miles told us: “Hi, Everyone. I got a WONDERFUL, new FOREVER home! YIPPEE!!

“A very nice lady named Judy (with a Y) came by tonight and now I am on my way home with her to my FOREVER home. I’m pretty confused right now, because I was starting to think that Judi (with an I) was going to be my new Mom. But Judi explained that I was in a placed called a ‘foster home,’ so she kissed and hugged me good-bye and told me I was going to have a wonderful, new home. Of course, I believed her.

“I want to thank everyone for all your help in spreading the news about me and my family. I really do appreciate your help as we are all alive today instead of the ‘other thing,’ known as PTS (Put To Sleep)–whatever that is. Foster Mom Judi said, ‘That’s not a good thing.’

“I especially want to thank Cory for fighting and blogging for all of us. Cory also gave my brother, Simon (his new name–he was formerly known as ‘Bubba’), a super new home. I want to thank Bridget for giving my baby sister, Stella, now known as ‘Yum Yum,’ a new loving home. You guys are the greatest in my book.

“I am told that I have four new brothers and a sister at my house with Mom Judy. At least, there won’t be as many cats as Foster Mom Judi had. Maybe I will settle in sooner. The two moms in my life told me to tell everyone not to worry about me–that I will be loved and wanted forever. ¬†Thank you all again.


“Miles (for now–you never know what I might be named later. New Mom Judy said that Miles will always be part of my name, however, even if it is a middle or last name).”

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