If you log on to Facebook and become a fan of World’s Best Cat Litter (WBCL), the company will donate a pound of their product for each new fan. To become a fan: WBCL’s Facebook Page

Once you are their fan, you can then vote for your favorite organization each day by clicking on the “Help a Cat” tab. For every vote, WBCL will donate 1/10th of a pound of cat litter. The charities that will be helped in this first round of voting are all in the Washington D.C. area and include:  Alley Cat Allies & Fairfax County Animal Shelter, The Washington Animal Rescue League, and Washington Humane Society. All three charities will win regardless. They will win cat litter in proportion to the number of fans and votes that are received. The more votes and fans, the more cat litter that will go to cats in need in these organizations. 

You can vote each day until July 16. 

Additionally, you can also enter to win a year’s supply of World’s Best Cat Litter, a T-shirt, and litter mat in a contest hosted by “My Himalayan Cat Goma Blog!!!” To participate, become a fan of World’s Best Cat Litter and then vote. Once you have voted, return to the “My Cat Goma” blog and leave a comment saying you voted.  It’s as easy as that. The “My Cat Goma” blog is really cute, too, so check it out while you are there.

So far World’s Best Cat Litter has already donated over 2,600 pounds of litter. To learn more about World’s Best Cat Litter, visit their official web site and find out how using whole-kernel corn makes their litter better for the environment: WBCL

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