Miss Flower, looking good!

Miss Flower, looking good!

After submitting my entry for The Animal Rescue Site’s shelter stories contest, I got the nicest email from Miss Flower’s mom, Melissa.  She took up the story of Flower from where I left off.  

“Miss Flower’s Happy Ending… By Flower’s Mom, Melissa

My husband and I first learned about Flower unintentionally while we were pursuing another kitty named Yogi. We were unable to adopt both him and his brother, Bear, and Black and Orange did not want to separate them.  While disappointed to hear about not being able to adopt Yogi we know now, looking back, that everything turned out exactly how God intended. We were asked if we wanted to meet a very special, very sick, little girl named Flower. After hearing her miracle story of survival we couldn’t wait to meet her.

We arranged a meeting at Petsmart. The first time I held her, I could feel that she was barely more than a skeleton. Her spine was visible and she was extremely weak and just laid limp in my arms. We instantly fell in love and decided immediately that we wanted to adopt her. After waiting for Miss Flower to become healthy enough to be adopted and out of the intense care of the vet and her foster mom, Robin, we finally got to bring her home. When we brought her home she weighed about 5.5 lbs. We were told she needed to be “fattened up” and we knew that wouldn’t be a problem at our house, as we love to spoil our kitties rotten.

Flower needed a lot of extra love, patience, attention and reassurance that we were her forever home and that she could trust us. That didn’t take long at all to happen. She has a flame point Himalayan “sister” named Star (also a rescued kitty) who was unsure of Flower at first, but like us, couldn’t help but fall in love with her and want to protect her.

It has been about a year since the day we brought her home now. How is Miss Flower today? She is a very happy and healthy young lady. She can be considered a “full figured gal,” last being weighed at almost 9 1/2 lbs.  Her coat is shiny and as soft as velvet. She loves to be cuddled and held like an infant and to sunbathe in her personal window bed. In the winter, she enjoys laying on the “toasty” bed in the living room, which is complete with a heating pad under her crocheted blanket made specially for her. One of her favorite hobbies is to lay and play in tissue paper and our entire living room floor is constantly covered with all different colors. She always is close to us and in the same room, even if it is just sleeping on the floor next to us.

We can’t imagine our family being complete without Sweet Flower. She was kept alive by the grace of God and we never forget that she could easily not be with us today. She has brought more love and smiles into our family than ever thought possible, especially from a little girl with such a rough beginning. We are beyond blessed to have had the Black and Orange Cat Foundation introduce us, as she is a huge and important part of family and we wouldn’t be complete without her.”


Happy and Content

Happy and Content

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