Fruit Bat needs both of her ankles repaired. They were fractured from her sad adventures on a busy highway.

Fruit Bat was found lying in the median of a very busy road. No one slowed down to check on the little dog as she cowered in pain, back legs unable to move, on the hot pavement. Cars whizzed by for twelve hours before a good samaritan from Colony Cats stopped to investigate and found the tiny chihuahua. The kind hearted volunteer quickly rushed Fruit Bat to Noah’s Ark Vet Hospital in Dublin, where Dr. Kim West proceeded to do a physical exam.

Fruit Bat’s back ankles were both fractured, causing the little dog’s immobility. Other than that, however, the chihuahua with the big eyes and perpetual smile, was in good shape. Dr. West discovered that Fruit Bat was only two years old and had not been spayed. On further investigation, it also became clear that Fruit Bat had an old fracture to the bone of her front leg, a fracture which had healed without medical care. Wherever this sweet girl came from, it was not the best place.

Forever smiling--even in pain, Fruit Bat has a happy face. Who couldn't love her?

It was Dr. West who named Fruit Bat and, to be honest, she does look like a bat with her big ears and skinny face. But looking like a bat is not a bad thing when you are that cute!

Because the volunteer who found Fruit Bat was with Colony Cats, the group was more than willing to help the little girl. Only there was one problem. A problem that often occurs in rescue–the little problem of money. Fruit Bat’s surgeries to repair her broken ankle bones must be done at Ohio State–Dr. West cannot do that herself. And so, the cost for Fruit Bat to walk again is between $1500-2000 and Colony Cats just cannot afford to pay that much.

Please help me get my legs fixed.

Dr. West took it upon herself to raise the money for Fruit Bat’s surgeries and she asked us if we would help.  Dr. West is also going to act as Fruit Bat’s foster after the surgeries, taking care of her dressings and helping her with rehabilitative therapy.

And so all of us, Black and Orange Cat Foundation, Colony Cats, The Forgotten Persian Rescue and Friends, which is Renee Kelly’s charitable group (Renee is the owner of Noah’s Ark), are going to work together with Dr. West to help Fruit Bat.

Big things can happen when lots of people work together! Big things for a little dog.

That is where we need your help. If you would like to help Fruit Bat walk again, please mail your tax deductible donation to Noah’s Ark Veterinary Hospital, 6001 Memorial Drive, Dublin, Ohio 43017. Please put, “Attention: Dr. Kim West, Fruit Bat’s Fund” on the front of the envelope. You can contact Noah’s Ark for more information by calling 614-761-8400. You can also learn more at their web site:

Checks can be made out to Colony Cats. You can also make credit card donations at their web site:

Please make sure to indicate that this donation is for Fruit Bat’s Fund.

Additionally, Black and Orange Cat Foundation is also accepting donations for Fruit Bat. You can mail a donation to us at P. O. Box 126, Plain City, Ohio 43064. Please make sure to write on the check that this is for Fruit Bat’s Fund. You can also donate through our PayPal link on our web site:

Please email us if you do make a PayPal donation and let us know that the funds are for Fruit Bat. Unfortunately, our PayPal site does not have a memo section set up to allow us to write what the donation is for.

All of the organizations involved are 501 (c) 3 charities, so any donation you make for Fruit Bat is tax deductible.

Dr. West and Fruit Bat--we will get this girl walking again.

Just as soon as Fruit Bat has her surgeries, she will also need a forever home, so if you are interested in adopting the sweetest chihuahua north of Mexico, contact us or Noah’s Ark. Fruit Bat does well with other dogs and with cats and she LOVES people.

The only other solution for Fruit Bat if she cannot have these surgeries is euthanasia and none of us will allow that to happen!!

Where would I be without my friends? Probably still stretched out on the road! You can't see it, but I am shivering just thinking about that!

13 Responses to Fruit Bat’s Fund–How You Can Help a Crippled Chihuahua Walk Again.

  • I posted this on my blog:

    Twitter: @DoggiesAndStuff

    and shared this on Facebook. I hope you will keep us updated.

    The volunteer that picked this poor baby up off of the highway deserves an award. It’s hard to believe that people would just drive by without stopping to help. What has this world come to? Thanks for all you are doing.

  • How much is still needed for Fruit Bat’s surgery? I’m trying to pull together a donation.

    • We have had about $200 come in from our PayPal account. I know Dr. West has collected about $200 through donations at Noah’s Ark. The surgery ended up being a bit less than originally they had quoted, so it was about $1200. Therefore, we probably have around $800 left to raise.

  • We are donating $100 and are interested in adopting Fruit Bat. We have two other chihuahuas at home, so our family has a fondness for chihuahuas. God bless the person who scooped her up and got her help.

  • I am the one that got Fruit Bat to Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital in Dublin.
    I just wanted to thank everyone for all your care and compassion that you all are showing fo Fruit Bat.
    How could anyone not give this little one all the love and a good home that she so deserves? I like to think that she once had an owner who meant well, loved her and tried the best they can to care for her properly. I personally don’t think we should judge them (although while you’re scratching your head wondering what happened here, it’s hard not to. Ignorance is not knowing you don’t know. I think her previous owner must have been very ignorant. The harder question is why would people stand around, watch as this little girl was suffering and do nothing.
    Okay, let me climb down off my soap box and get back to the point – THANKS! :)

  • thank you to the kind sole who picked her up! i might have someone who is interested in providing a loving home for her. i need to obtain some more info, but i think this may work out (fingers crossed).

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that has shown so much kindness for Fruit Bat!!! Thank you to Black and Orange for helping get the word out about her!! It’s amazing work when rescues work together. :)
    If anyone is interested in adopting Fruit Bat, please email and we’ll get an application to you.
    I just spoke with Dr. West (one amazing vet!) and she said Fruit Bat is recovering well, a real “trooper”. She’ll be ready for adoption in about 6 weeks to that very special family that will give Fruit Bat the complete happiness she deserves.

  • Bless your heart to the rescuer that saved this tiniest angel from a horrible place. Please give this perfect little angel a hug and kiss for me. I have posted her all over my FB page.

  • To Ferrell – I big “thank you” for picking up this little girl and getting her the help she needed.

    Also was wondering the status of donations received for her surgery.

  • Has Fruit Bat found a forever home?

    • Hi, Amy–Fruit Bat has not found a home yet. She is still undergoing rehabilitation with Dr. West. We have had several inquiries and applications, but it will be a little while yet before she can go to a new home. Plus, Dr. West is getting very attached! :)

  • My wife and I have saved 2 Chihuahuas to date, and even have a cat named Fruitbat, so we were obliged to donate $150 to your fund for the wee Canine version. If the issue has already been settled, please use our donation to help the poor creature in anyway you can, or another like her. Please follow up to let us know how she is doing!

    • Lori–We received your very generous donation. Fruit Bat was adopted by Dr. Kim West, who cared for her when she first came into the vet hospital. She is one very happy and spoiled dog now. Dr. West is currently taking care of Hokee, a kitten that was hit by a car and had several broken teeth due to that. Hokee had to have several teeth pulled and some other repairs to her mouth, so I will use the donation you gave for Fruit Bat and apply it to another kitty Dr. West is helping us help.

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