I had an email from a friend of mine in the Akron area who is trying to save the lives of six Siamese cats that are currently in a high kill shelter in Georgetown, KY. Judi has a friend who works with this shelter and they routinely work together to get cats out to safety.

One of six who needs out of the shelter.

Here is what Judi said: “Yesterday my friend, Dana, who works at a high kill shelter in Georgetown, KY sent me these pictures of six Siamese cats who are all in need of homes. It seems that the cats belonged to a husband and wife. Recently, the husband passed away and the wife is unable to live alone. Her son and daughter-in-law have moved in with her. However, the daughter-in-law is allergic to cats. So (as happens all the time), the cats had to go. They have been surrendered to the high kill shelter in my area. Sadly, if they do not find a home, they will be put to sleep.”

Please help get me out of here.

“This breaks my heart as they all appear to be very healthy.”

I want to go home.

“As I learn more about the cats, I will pass that information along to anyone who is interested. I do know that several (if not all) are spayed and neutered. Their ages are between one to six. I will find out about their vaccine history.”

How could someone not want us?

“The cost for the cats COULD BE NOTHING, because the shelter does not charge me to get the cats out. The only cost is their vetting bill, which like I said, if they are fixed and have had shots, there would be no fees at all. The shelter and I would not charge for transporting the cats. So you could have a Siamese cat for the cost of loving them the rest of their lives.”

Please, won't you consider saving our lives?

If you are interested in any of these cats or have questions, please contact Judi at redheadone@sssnet.com

I have worked with Judi before and she will do all she can to save a cat in need. As she mentioned, Judi and the shelter would also help to transport the cats to get them to safety.

I am scared and would like to leave this place now. Thank you.

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  • Tried calling and sent an email. Would love to get at least 1 of these beauties. Please call Jennifer

  • I may be able to take a young cat. Could you please provide more info. on temperament?



  • I rescue cats. I may be able to place these kitties, please contact me asap

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhh, what beauties… poor sweet meezers, we are extending our bestest purrs to you and we hope you find amazing homes. (if only Long Island were not so far from Kentucky.)

    • Hi, everyone–I wanted to let you know that I am actually a volunteer with Siamese Rescue (the Center is located in VA, but they have fosters across the nation), as are several of the people Judi is working with to get these cats into foster care. Judi also has worked with Siamese Rescue. The reason we are working on this is because Siamese Rescue currently does not have fosters in this area who can take the cats.

      Judi also sent me an update on them. Of the 6, the two females have found a home. The remaining four are males: 1. Jazz–6 years old, neutered, 2. Unnamed Male–3-4 years old, neutered, 3. Little Boy–2 years old, not neutered, 4. Bubba–3 years old, not neutered. The boys must be out by next Thursday, June 10 or they will be euthanized. Again, please contact Judi if you can help by adopting one. Judi’s email is: redheadone@sssnet.com

  • We love Meezers! Wish we could be of help but we live in Arizona! If we could, we certainly would be willing to help the boys. It is so sad we are not closer to Ky. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy loving and being loved by a meezer….or two ….or three…or…..

  • Our hearts are breaking for these sweet Meezers and their poor mom who lost not only her husband, but her family of kitties. If you can get one of them to us in Portland Or, we will foster one for sure!

  • What a wonderful blog! You are doing a great thing.
    Your friend,

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