Miss Flower, the cat with 7 lives left

Miss Flower, the cat with 7 lives left

The Animal Rescue Site is conducting a contest, along with their challenge to have the organization with the most votes on their site win $20,000, in which they are collecting rescue stories (with happy endings–of course).  They are looking for the best rescue story along with a fuzzy photo of the rescue. One of my favorite rescues of all times was Miss Flower, so I posted her story on the site and you can go on now and read it: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/ps/3/g0gxhc5oyue90sfjoco

Anyone who volunteers with Black and Orange in any capacity–as a foster, etc.–can post their own rescue story, too.  And the best story and photo will win $2,000 for Black and Orange.  Or if you’d like for me to write the story, send me your favorite and I’ll see if I still have a photo of the kitty.  Or if you are the adopter, send me your own picture.

You can post your story by going to:


We could create a lot more happy rescue stories with $2,000.

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