Today is my birthday. I am so cute and sweet!

Today, April 29, is Tupelo Honey’s second birthday and her mom, Dr. West, and all her friends at Noah’s Ark celebrated with a big party. 

Tupe and her best friend, Yushay, got new party dresses. 

Be honest. Whose dress doesn't make them look like they have a fluffy butt?


Even though Yushay got a fabulous ensemble, too, Tupelo still demanded that she (and only she) be treated like a princess for the day.

You are so below me...even though you are way up there.


Tupelo Honey is so spoiled that she even got her own birthday cake, complete with a bee on top and a special message from her mom (from the Van Morrison song that Tupe is named for): “She’s as Sweet, She’s as Sweet, Sweet as Tupelo Honey.” The words from the song were followed by, “Happy 2nd Birthday.” Not every dog gets a cake on their second birthday, but they should.

Yum! Let me jump in with all four paws.


Happy Birthday, Tupelo. Yushay will be expecting another new party dress for her birthday and her very own cake, too.

Don't tell Tupelo (since it is her birthday), but my dress makes me look like I have angel wings. I must be an angel.

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