Is that a cat's head in a basket? No it's Michael (there is a body attached somewhere).Is that a cat’s head in a basket? No it’s Michael (there is a body attached somewhere).

We are sure you all remember Michael. He is the kitty that arrived at Riverside Drive Animal Care Center last November and could not urinate. He ended up having a surgery to remove his penis, because he continued to become blocked (these blockages are very dangerous and can kill a cat). 

After his surgery, Michael went to Noah’s Ark, where he is currently the greeter cat. You can find him most days hanging out in the main lobby or lying on the front desk. He usually tries to find a basket to crawl in and will sometimes even allow you to pet him (if he’s not in an amicable mood, you’ll get a swat to the hand).

You must always check out Michael’s nails. He wears Soft Paws in a myriad of colors. Usually, he has a rainbow on the tips of his toes. 

Michael went from being a kitty with a very poor prognosis to the president of the Noah’s Ark Social Committee (however, being that Michael is  not always the most social cat, he may need to learn how to take the dogs for walks or clean a few cages if he loses his front desk job).

Are you looking for me? Darn, don't I blend in here?

Are you looking for me? Darn, don't I blend in here?

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  • On a recent visit to Noah’s Ark for an emergency for our dog Michael came and greeted me and my husband in a treatment room while we waited for testing on our dog…he allowed us to pet him and entertained us with his playfulness. He was the purrfect host and helped lessen our anxiety. What a sweet boy! We really enjoyed hanging out with him and thank him for the distraction at such a stressful time!

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