Most of you won’t recognize the name LifeCare Alliance, but you will recognize the name of their largest and most successful program for seniors: Meals on Wheels.

I have supported LifeCare Alliance ever since they brought my grandma meals when she was living on her own (for the first time in her life) in an assisted living center in Hilliard. Even after she died, I made sure to always participate in their “Meals for Moms and Dads” programs each year. For Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, my mom and dad always find a card in the mail saying that several senior moms and dads received a meal due to a donation that Joe and I and my sister, Bobbie, always make.

Because I believe LifeCare Alliance does a ton of good for seniors and because I have donated, I always receive their newsletter. In the most recent Winter 2010 newsletter, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they now offer a program called “The Pet Care Program,” which works to keep pets with their senior human companions. The article was called, “Taking Care of the Entire Family.” I think that is lovely. For many older people, their pets are their only family and it is nice that a large organization, such as LifeCare Alliance, recognizes that.

The newsletter explained that “The Pet Care Program enables homebound and older adults to keep their companion pets with them. Pets provide the psychological, emotional and socialization support that homebound individuals need to live happy lives and achieve a successful level of aging.”

The newsletter further asked that if you know someone “who needs help taking care of their pet or you would like to donate pet food or pet care supplies” to contact The Pet Care Program, which is sponsored by LifeCare Alliance, at (614) 278-3130.

I know the volunteers with Meals on Wheels will even take pet food to people who they deliver human meals to. So if you are looking for a good group to support or you have an elderly relative or friend who could use some help with their pet, please contact the people working with The Pet Care Program. 

To learn more about LifeCare Alliance, visit:

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