Naomi feels much better now that her mouth is healing.Naomi feels much better now that her mouth is healing.

I know that many of you received our emails about Naomi’s dental surgeries and also recently got a mailer via snail mail asking you to help with the vet expenses. I wanted to give everyone an update on how our sweet girl is doing since she had the second surgery last week. Dr. Kline called me on Friday, the 26th, and told me that she had done really well and he expected the graft to hold. He used skin from elsewhere in her mouth to cover up the hole in the roof of Naomi’s mouth.

Our bill for Naomi’s second surgery came in right around $1,000, making this girl’s mouth worth about $3,000! But it was all necessary for her to be pain free and able to live a happy, healthy life. We’d put braces on our cats and outfit them with gold teeth if those things would help them have better lives.

I just had an email from Naomi’s foster mom, Kim, and here is what she said about our toothless wonder cat:

We brought Naomi home Friday afternoon. The soft palate repair went well.

“She is allowed only soft food and is eating two cans a day with just a smidge left over. She began playing with her toys that night- all of her toys, not just the one orange mouse. Again this morning I had to search to find all of her toys and place them in the middle of the room so I can monitor her activity. This thrills me to see she feels like playing.

“She is more outgoing and  is greeting me at the door again. I had missed that. She actually comes and gives head bumps to our hands if she thinks we are not doing a very good job of petting her.

“She is  just a little feisty when I give her medicine, but still very easy to dose. Her purr sounds different and I have not heard her sneeze or chuff like she did before the graft surgery.

“She is to return for a follow up visit in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I am to watch for behavioral changes and keep ‘a nose’ on her mouth to be sure the graft is taking. So far the behavior changes I see are all good signs of improved health. I am so happy to see her recover so quickly. Let’s hope the graft does well and she will be pain free.”

Kim also sent over new photos of Naomi today and you can see what a little cuddle bug she is. We are so happy Naomi is recovering so well. We are also thankful for all the donations that have come in for her surgeries. We could not continue to help cats like Naomi without your support. Naomi sends her big gummy grin to all of her fans!

Okay, you can hug me.

Okay, you can hug me.


I'll snuggle with you, too.

I'll snuggle with you, too.

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