Ruby, one of 22 Himalayans, rescued from an elderly breeder who was not caring for the cats.

Ruby, one of 22 Himalayans, rescued from an elderly breeder who was not caring for the cats.

I had an email this morning from my friend Cheryl Cochran who rescues purebred cats from shelters and other horrific situations.

Here is what Cheryl wrote (and she sent photos, which you can access at a link later in the post):

“A breeder of Himalayan kittens with dementia could no longer care for her
cats and kittens, several of which were newborns. The woman’s family
wanted the cats out of the house as soon as possible. All vetting was needed
and the family was unable to help with the cats’ removal, vetting, or care.
The cats and kittens were picked up by one of the rescues on Friday, March 19.

Newborn Himalayan kittens in a box at the house they were rescued from.

Newborn Himalayan kittens in a box at the house they were rescued from.

“Sadly, as of today, two of the newborn kittens died before we were able to
get them out of this home. We did get one kitten we named Boo Boo out safely with her mommy, Ruby. But we were not able to keep the tiny kitten alive.
She died this evening. We took her to our vet and he tried to save her, but the poor,
tiny kitten was only 16 days old and just was not strong enough to fight
the infection she had. The poor thing had pneumonia. The mommy cat, Ruby, had been bred every 4 months, so she was not strong enough herself to support
the kittens. We are sad to say that poor Boo Boo went to heaven tonight.
Bless her little heart.  She tried, but was not able to continue to stay here with her mommy.

Persian Purrbaby Rescue and Hal’s Haven are partnering with another rescue
group in order to handle the vetting and care of so many cats and kittens. All of these organizations are very small and are strictly run by volunteers. They do not have the funds to handle this situation. However, the groups could not stand by and allow these beautiful purebred kittens and cats to be dumped in a pound, or worse.

“All of the cats and kittens needed physicals, testing, vaccinations, flea and
worm treatments, spay or neuter, and grooming. Many are in need of
socialization. Carriers had to be purchased and a van rented just to move
the cats to safety. The costs have, and will, continue to add up quickly,
but the rescue groups needed to act quickly. The original count on the number of cats was 22. There were three newborn kittens at first count, but two died before the cats could be picked up.  One cat, who was originally forgotten about, was also added, bringing the total to 21.

One of the cats who was rescued.

One of the cats who was rescued.

“Upon arrival, all were very dirty, most were matted, and several were sick. Those that were old enough and healthy enough have already been spayed or neutered. All have tested negative for feline leukemia, with the adults also negative for FIV and Heartworms. All have been vaccinated, dewormed, treated with Revolution, and microchipped.

“One of the adults (Sabrina) has had over 100 kittens!! She had kittens in
January and is 11 years old. Sabrina had bloodwork before surgery.
While she was being spayed, she also had a dental and three teeth,
including a canine, were pulled. Sabrina did not handle the anesthesia
well and had to be watched closely for 24 hours until she was alert.

“Another adult (Ruby, pictured in the first photo of the blog), we believe, has been bred every four months for at least the last two years. Ruby had kittens in December 2008, July 2009, November 2009, and March 2010. This we know from their registrations. We believe she also had kittens in March 2009. One of her kittens that was born in
November may have to have surgery to repair his rectum. We are unsure if
there was an injury or a birth defect and we have to wait for the swelling
to go down with treatment to find out.

“If you would like to see the pictures of the cats and the environment they
came from you, can see them at: Snapfish, Memphis Himis

“Any donation you can make, large or small, will be so much appreciated and used for the care of these kittens and cats.

“Hal’s Haven has generously agreed to collect donations and start the
vetting through their organization. If you can help, you can send your tax
deductible donation to:

“HAL’S HAVEN, INC., 2108 Wells Landing Road,
Danville, Kentucky, 40422

“Or donate through PayPal by clicking on the
following address which is already specified for this rescue:
Hal’s Haven Paypal

“You can also donate to: PERSIAN PUREBRED & PURRBABY RESCUE, P.O. Box 12395, Columbus, Ohio, 43212.

“Thank you so very much for your concern and generosity. A huge purr is
being sent your way.

Cheryl Cochran
Persian Purebred & Purrbaby Rescue
P. O. Box 12395
Columbus, OH 43212

Linda Hudman, CPA
President, Hal’s Haven, Inc.
for Orphan Kittens and Displaced Cats
2108 Wells Landing Road
Danville, KY 40422
(859) 319-2056

A sick kitty with very runny eyes needs help.

A sick kitty with very runny eyes needs help.

Just seeing these cats in the filthy conditions they were living in and how sick they were makes me want to remind everyone that they should always buy from a reputable breeder, whose home they have visited to see the conditions the animals are living in, or adopt from a rescue or a shelter.

Please also don’t ever buy a puppy or a kitten from a pet store such as Petland or Jack’s Aquarium, where you have no clue what kind of environment the animals have come from. Additionally, the animals usually have had very little (if any) vet care and have not been spayed or neutered, leaving that up to the new owner to do and just leading to more unwanted animals being born.

Pet stores such as PetSmart and PETCO actively work with shelters and rescue groups. The animals that are featured in their stores have come from rescues and shelters where they have been vetted and fixed. In fact, PetSmart is making it a policy that within the next two years, all animals in their stores, must be spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

The cute purebred puppies and kittens that you see in places like Petland, more than likely came from a breeder or puppy mill. After viewing the photos in this blog of the cats that were rescued, you can see the horrible conditions that some of these animals come from. I have had people tell me that by buying the puppy or kitten at the pet store, they “rescued” it, but in fact, they just added money to the unsavory breeder’s pocket and made it more than likely that the breeder will continue to produce more animals in horrible situations. Do not buy from pet shops. There are wonderful purebred cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies at rescues and shelters, as this story clearly shows. In fact, 25 percent of the dogs that come into shelters are purebred.

I have also heard stories of people who bought a cat at Jack’s Aquarium for $9.95 on special, because the cute kitten was now getting too big and they needed to get rid of it. The person who bought the cat, who had no vet care and was not spayed, was worried about what would happen to the cat if no one bought it. What does happen to the cats and dogs they cannot sell?

Since this $9.95 cat had not been spayed, the person who bought it also failed to have the surgery done and the cat went on to have two litters of kittens until Black and Orange had the cat spayed.

Please try to support shelters and rescues to find your next best friend. If you must go to a breeder, make sure they are reputable and take good care of their animals.

This poor kitty attests to the fact that you should always check out the breeder and support the work of rescues and shelters.

This poor kitty attests to the fact that you should always check out the breeder and support the work of rescues and shelters.

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