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Kitten’s Kiss wine, produced by Eldchrist Winery in Plain City, is now available to purchase. A donation to Black and Orange Cat Foundation will be made for every bottle sold.

The two kittens, B and Mittens, featured on the wine label are kitties that Black and Orange helped get vet care. Because of this, the winery owners wanted to give back to us by creating a wine to support our spay and neuter efforts.

The wine can be purchased right now at Lovejoy’s Market located at 900 Village Boulevard in Plain City, at Old Town Inn, 113 West 5th Avenue in Marysville (where it is currently on the restaurant’s menu), and at the winery itself. It will also be available at more locations in the very near future.

Eldchrist Winery is currently open on Fridays from 6 pm to 9 pm and on Saturdays from 2 pm to 8 pm. The wine is $13.99 plus tax if purchased at Lovejoy’s and $16.00 (which includes the tax) if purchased at the Winery.

To find out more about Eldchrist Winery, visit their site: Eldchrist

Please support Black and Orange with this very unique wine which is made from 100% Lake Erie Traminette grapes and features a citrus flavor.

An official wine release benefit party is in the works in the very near future. We will let you know about it as soon as we have more information. This party, to celebrate Kitten’s Kiss, will also benefit Black and Orange.


To download the official flyer about the wine, please click on the image below. When you have the smaller image pulled up, click on it again to get the larger version which you can then print out and give to all your friends!


2 Responses to Kitten’s Kiss Wine is now Available!

  • Last night I had dinner at the Cafe Paradiso in Urbana. I saw the bottle displayed and asked about it. Actually, it was the cats and the name that caught my eye. I was given a sample and love it! I know the restaurant will be carrying it,but I know it’s going to be more expensive there. Are there any plans for it to be available in retail stores in Urbana or the Springfield area?
    Thank you,
    Lucy Dawson

    • Lucy–I don’t know if they are going to have any for sale in any shops in Urbana or Springfield. You can buy it at Lovejoy’s Market here in Plain City. I think it is around $19.95 for a bottle. You can also buy it directly at Eldchrist Winery. I would contact Eldchrist to find out where they are selling it down your way. I think they also list places to buy it on the site. Their web site is

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