Suki says, "Vote for me and help Black and Orange. My favorite group!"

Suki says, "Vote for me and help Black and Orange. My favorite group!"

One of our super volunteers, Kristin Ramsdell, submitted this photo for the Online Spay Day 2010 photo contest. Kristin does so much for Black and Orange from cleaning cages at PetSmart to fostering our kitties and manning our table at adoption events. Kristin is also the person who took it upon herself to save Lydia when she was lost outside for three weeks.

Beyond her rescue endeavors, Kristin is also a wonderful photographer. When I take pictures of the foster cats for Petfinder, they are usually running to try to get away from me or I’ve caught them, unsuspecting, doing something cute. Kristin’s photos of the fosters she and Christina care for are works of art. Take a look at the pictures of Stewie, Maggie, and Lydia on Petfinder and I am sure you’ll see what I mean. The cats are looking at her with soulful expressions or contemplating views from the cat tree. They always look peaceful and profound.

So vote for Suki and help spread the word about our volunteer photographer’s talents!

To Vote for Suki: Suki Must Win

Thank you, Kristin, for another gorgeous photo to help Black and Orange’s kitties!

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