Oswald relaxing on dryer

Oswald relaxing on dryer

As I was leaving the house this morning, rushing out the back door to get started with another busy day that will involve not only work at the pharmacy, but also collecting kitties for our weekly clinic on Wednesday, Oswald gave me a good-bye meow from his perch on the dryer. I, of course, went in to give him a rub down and tell him that I would see him again later in the day. 

Looking at Oswald, laying in the sun atop the dryer, curled on his tartan sheet with light filtering in from the window behind him, I thought that it would be nice to live the life of a cat every few days or so.  I wouldn’t mind curling back up to sleep in the sunshine for several hours–or until someone came home to make my next meal.

Oswald’s fur was warm from where he’d been stretched in the sun for most of the morning.  He likes to lay on the dryer because it is tall and he can stare out the window at the roses and the front walk, keeping an eye out for Tucker and Herman, the outside feral kitties.  Now, I do have to help Oswald climb to him favorite spot with a heave and a shove. He is too chubby to get on the dryer himself.  The other cats use the windowsill as a step and from there, hop atop the dryer, but Oswald finds that too labor intensive.  Rather, he will hang around in the laundry room until I happen to walk by and then he gives a loud meow to tell me he needs my help.  I then tell him to “Turn around,” which he promptly does so I can pick him up.  He is a big lug, so it is actually a major event lifting him onto the dryer, where he then kneads the sheet to make his bed more comfortable and falls over in a heap.

Some days, it would just be nice to trade places with Oswald and send him bustling out the door in a little suit and wing tip shoes to take care of my life, while I snoozed in the sunlight, curled on the dryer.

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