Well, Mom caught me this morning, loafing around when I am supposed to be writing my Blog or coming up with schemes to increase revenue.  She even had to sneak up on me to take my photo to prove I was not working as hard as I should.  I would not make eye contact.  If you pretend they are invisible, your moms will go away eventually and let you get back to napping.

I tried to tell her later that my penguin toy was helping me gather my thoughts.  The soothing catnip stored in his belly always helps me think better.  

Secondly, I really need my nails trimmed.  It is very hard to type with long nails.  So what does she expect?  It is her fault if my nails are not cut and I can’t perform. 

These were the things I was thinking about as I laid on my plaid bed.  Actually I was just getting ready to go to sleep when she snuck up on  me.

Yours truly, too tired to type more, Oswald P. Kitten, Esquire 

Oswald loafing around

Oswald loafing around

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