So, here I sit in my favorite chair, trying to think what I can do to help Mom raise money for all those stray and feral cats she seems to like.  Mom says that when I sit in my chair, I look like a little human.  It is my favorite place to wile away the hours, in the wing chair in front of the fireplace.  Mom says if I had a pipe and a little hat, someone would mistake me for a little old man.  Mom thinks she is so funny.

But what can I do?  How can I make some money off of this handsome face of mine?  I can’t charge for “stud service” any more.  Mom is too big into the spay and neuter stuff and she made sure I was neutered many, many years ago.  So that blows that idea.

Perhaps, I could write a memoir of my eight years and my observations on how tiring humans can be–always running here and there.  Slow down, Mom, and come lounge with me in my chair.

That Romeo cat has made my life too complicated.  I just want to sit in my chair and cat nap, not try to think of money making schemes.  

Yours truly, the financial cat guru, Oswald P. Kitten, Esquire


Oswald thinks of money making schemes.

Oswald thinks of money making schemes.

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